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07-26-2013, 09:11 AM
Taken pretty much a week or so off from really posting anything. Discovered I didn't have much to post about cept to call some other posters that thier resemblace to sentient life has got to be an accident! (which I managed to avoid.)

KDF side we have a pretty decent idea od what we want for the faction... and I'd like to think that were reasonably realistic about what we want.. All pretty much doable.

In the mean time over in general discussion... Carriers are going to be more usefull now.. Boohoohoo...dangerous even... Fed escort hull may need to spend as much time running as fighting...or get swamped with pets off of Voq'ov, Kar'Fi, and Orion carriers... Why.. the addition of a working pet interface and a few small tweeks to the pets them selves (starting with making the weaker..and letting 'em rank up in battle) has apparently upset some apple carts big time in the STO PvP community. We finally get the ROM Vet rewards...And folks gripe that its a 9 console slot ship just like the rest of the vet rewards, and other then looking cool isn't as good as a handfull of chance box and fleet ships. We got some more bug fixes done that tend to effect KDF more then FED..

Of course I'd like it all now but thats just not going to happen... Fed players seem to be a bit anxious... they haven't seen any new exclusive fed toys since.. since.. well since the Kumari... I think they might be suffering a little withdrawl over there. On the other hand I expect we're going to see a bunch of new "Fleet" ships all around befor the end of the year..

Thats a fairly simple process (and funner then most.. bet your buns Dev people like to do things at work they consider fun!) so i honestly expect to start seeing thinks sooner then later. We know theres a new FE coming... and a certain ez STF mission has been entirely pulled..one we know they've been wanting to revamp and rebuild for a very long time.
On top of there is all this real estate up there just begging for new missions against the Borg! (Or anyone else for that matter...and it is a level gated area so its all end game!)

Story wise the connection between the Undine and the Gate builders still needs to be explored. Some more fluidic space missions wouldn't be badly recieved..

Predictions. New FE (but we knew that was happening) against a new specie. New STF(s) or possible a variation on an STF...we have ground adventure zones.. but they've been tossing "Space Adventure Zone" at us... I've been shoving pieces together to see what will fit. I've come up with some interesting specualtion. Any of them would provide a handy excuse for fielding some new ships KDF side. Expecially a combat oriented SCi ship of some sort (Feds got thiers... wheres ours..? And how come THEY got it first? Really, if they'de done an Armatige as a KDF ship first they might have soled MORE of them to the fed players! (really Honest.. make it for the "underpopulated" side first.. Buzz is still Buzz... as a side bennie.. we KDF prolly wont gripe at all at ya!)

Working on the next faction i hear said.. Really really REALLY hopeing they go for a civilian faction! Several reasons... One. Maintain red/blue balancing for future PvP..and plenty of hints that its going to be a fleet base based territorial war... at the moment. Studio still has to figure out what they can do.. and you bet your bunns they've got to be looking at coventional table top games..(hopefully Federation and Empire) to get some ideas for a PvP Meta game at the operational level.. (all these so called Admirals.. let make em prove their really admirals shall we?)

Back to chilling out..

Khemaraa sends.
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07-26-2013, 02:27 PM
Don't forget your precious BoP's will have a harder time, with having to run & gun against Fed carrier pets too, hehe.

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07-26-2013, 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by earlnyghthawk View Post
Don't forget your precious BoP's will have a harder time, with having to run & gun against Fed carrier pets too, hehe.
We've already been doing that and are accustomed to it

The biggest issue the pets seem to provide is when they provide spam-induced lag or manage to catch me with Tractor Beams or Warp Plasma when my counters to those abilities are on cooldown.
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