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If left uncorrected, WILL BE A GAME SPOILER.

Can be done when in a space mission or ground mission.

1. Box must be checked to allow player to select # instance

2. When in a space mission, warp out. Ship will warp out. Game will offer choice of instance to go to. Just cancel out from that and continue with space mission.

3. OR When in a ground mission, beam out. Game will offer same as above, just cancel out and continue mission.

What happens for your space/ground mission, your ship/away team is invisible to computer opponents.
I've noticed my ship still gets hit by enemy ships BUT only a fraction of the damage is received. My away team, while invisible, can walk right next to target enemy without causing combat. You are able to still engage said targets without fear of loss.

To Cryptic: I wish you the very best in this endevor, Although a diamond in the ruff, I truly feel you have a possible world class MMO on your hands. Expandabilty is limitless. This game can become a profitable "monster" if properly handled and developed.

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