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# 1 Romulan Kit mk X bug
07-29-2013, 01:56 PM
I recently purchased a Romulan Mk X Bunker Fabrication kit for my romulan engineer and have run into an interesting bug.

THe first day i used this kit it would beam in a mk IV plasma turret.. the one with the spider legs that spews plasma fire and is pretty badass.. then once in a while it would beam in a mk IV AND a mk I along side it. This is what the description says it is supposed to do.
However.. this only happened THE FIRST day i used it. From the second day on EVERYTIME i beamed in a turret it would be a MK I... it hasnt beam in a mk IV AT ALL. And RARELY beams in the two turrets at a time even with the appropriate Duty Officer on my active roster.
My questions are: Is this a bug?
Was this kit nerfed for some reason?
Is anyone else having this particular problem?
Is the fact it says MK IV turret on the icon and in the description a bug?

I would appreciate any responses to these questions,, i was going to get this kit on my other engy,, however have decided its not worth it because of this issue. I will wait for the MK XI or mk XII kits to be available,, which,, since im in a micro fleet,, will likely be a while.
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# 2
07-29-2013, 11:14 PM
Its a bug affecting all level Romulan Engie kits, X-XII.
Also... the extra turrets are from DOffs.
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