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# 1 Characters in limbo - resolved
01-24-2010, 04:48 PM
Alaea@Alaea and I (Remmi@iiillume) tried entering the Xarantine sector as a team. I had one mission for the sector (Hippocrates) and she had both the Hippocrates mission and Sulu's patrol mission. Upon entering the server stopped responding, then kicked us out. Subsequent attempts to log in get us as far as the character screen, but upon trying to load into the game we are greeted with Game Server connection failed. She made a test character to see if we were in fact able to log into the game at all-- the test character loads with no problem. Our main characters are still in limbo.


[edit: After many, many, many attempts and a little waiting, it seems to have resolved itself. Leaving the post up just in case there was a bug involved.]

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