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The 53rd Alpha Centauri Defense Fleet is recruiting all Federation and Romulans who have sided with the Federation. We began this with only 2 guys dedicated daily.

We are looking for mature players, new and veteran to continue the fight. We have a private TS3 server and require you use it. Other than that, there are no real requirements at this time other that we ask you to help continuing to build the starbase. It is a never ending battle. We will never tell you how you must play or what you have to have. We are here to have fun.

So, if you are looking for a fleet of fun loving gamers dedicated to STO, you have found a home. Message me for further details or go to our temporary website, (Under construction as well), http://53rdacdfleet.webs.com/ for details.

Friend us:
Primary contacts in game: Galen Hunter@machtava or Jon D Mac@JacMac

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