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It seems I can log into the game server, then I get a black screen, with the game version written in white on the bottom left of the screen, and on the top right of the screen I see a maximize and minimize window icons.

I also hear the star trek music, which basically plays endlessly looping, as if on the start screen, but I don't see anything. I can move the mouse around, which has been replaces from the windows pointer to a star trekky icon.

That's it. Just stays there playing music. I can not alt-tab out, I cannot CTRL-ALT-DEL to the task manager, in fact, the only way out is to hard shut down my PC by holding the power button for 10 seconds. And we all know that isn't a good idea. I've already done it twice, don't really want to push my luck anymore.

Can anyone help? I mean, sounds like a Vid card issue, eh? I have a Radeon X1650.

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