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I'm trying to rig up a Fleet Advanced Escort, and I'm looking for advice on which torpedo to grab for my forward setup. I'm looking for a good solid and reliable hull-cracker that's good at smashing up both large stationary objects like Cubes and Gateways and Dreadnoughts, but also faster moving targets like Spheres and Escorts. So far I've been using Very Rare XII Quantum Torpedoes, but I'm wondering if I can get a heavier hitting forward torpedo. My setup right now is a general purpose Advanced Escort with forward dual heavy phaser cannons and rear turrets and Borg cutting beam.

So I'm trying to decide on the pros and cons of my options. I'm looking at Omega Torpedo, Romulan Hyper-Plasma, Fleet Quantum Torpedo and Fleet Photon Torpedo, and want to know the ups and downs of using each.
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08-04-2013, 09:21 AM
I have all of the torps you are looking at so I'll give you my impression on each.

Omega is very fast firing. Each torp doesn't do a massive amount of damage, but the speed at which you can fire them and they travel at gives them some very good overall DPS. If you use High Yield it turns into a Borg Plasma Bolt which is targetable and slow moving, but does some nice high damage on impact. If you destroy an enemy with the bolt shot, it disintegrates and does not explode. Can be nice if you use carrier pets since there won't be a warp core breach to kill them. I like using these when I have fast moving targets around.

Romulan Hyper-Plasma creates three plasma torpedoes each time you fire. They are very slow and targetable but they're also very damaging. Use some torpedo CD DOffs and you can send out some pretty massive strings of torpedos. If you use High Yield it will send out a string of Heavy Plasma torps. Due to the slow speed of the Hyper torp I generally use this more as a siege weapon against large slow moving or unmoving targets, such as Dreadnoughts or the structures in STFs.

Fleet Quantums/Photons function just like the normal torps of their name but with better stats. I tend to use Fleet Quants on my hit-and-run style ships, such as my Fleet Dhael. I like flying in fast (since the set bonus for that ship gives me a defense boost based on my speed) and unloading a Torpedo Spread III which makes short work of smaller enemies.

I have both the Omega and Romulan Hyper on my Vesta which I swap in and out depending on what I'm fighting. Fleet Quants I just leave on my Fleet Dhael. I wouldn't say that any one torpedo is better than another, just that they have different applications as I listed above.

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08-04-2013, 07:48 PM
The borg torpedo is noteworthy in that it has unlimited charges (says 5 on the torp icon, but is unlimited in firing) and fires a torpedo off every second. It's the only torpedo you can put on autofire and forget about because it's going off constantly without end. If you do need to use high yield or torp spread, activate the cooldown and it will go off on the next firing which should only be a second. The unlimited charges firing off every second provides a tremendous amount of sustained damage, but perhaps not a whole lot of burst. If you do need burst, high yield is the way to go, though it's big size and small speed makes it best used at almost point blank range so it can't be easily shot down. Thankfully targets destroyed by it vanish rather than explode, sparing you being caught in an explosion for using such tactic.
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08-04-2013, 07:54 PM
Can I use an Ambiplasma Console to buff the Omega Torpedo?
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08-04-2013, 08:37 PM
The concensus of the forums is no, plasma projectile tact consoles do not buff omega or romulan torps.

i also have all 3 so ill give ya my spiel

Terrible damage without high yeild/torp spread but quick flying. When you discharge your clip it is the worse damaging torp. High yeild creates a targetable medium speed plasma bolt that inflict intense damage

Romulan hyper...
3 shots, massive damage but targetable and slow.

1 shot, decent speed, decent damage

pvp quantum
pve romulan
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08-04-2013, 09:24 PM
My feedback about fleet quantums and omega torpedoes

Omega: Very low damage, great rate of fire at least while the torp still has charges, not so bad dps for this reason. The HY makes good damage, however it's too slow to make it useful unles you fired it at a short range; too close and it will affect your own ship. It's been a while since the last time I played with it.

Prior LoR ambiplasma console seemed to boost the torp damage,or at least that's what the UI said , but since the damage was already low, the console effect didn't worth it.

Nowadays i read about people saying the ambiplasma doesn't work with the omega torp, so maybe something was changed after i stopped to use the omega torp?... or maybe my UI was bugged back then, so i was seeing a boost from the console? who knows, and to be honest, right now i'm feeling too lazy to make some testing.

About the Autofiring... I stopped to use it with the omega for two reasons:

1.- Since the torpedo fires fast, sometimes i destroyed some targets accidentally (especially on ESTFs).

2- Sometimes it seemed to cause some bugs: sometimes the torpedo stopped to recharging and/or stopped working, sometimes it just started to shoot a lot of "blanks" i.e. a lot of little bolts which vanished in mid-air, just flew inches away from my ship, and of course did 0 damage against my target.

However, I don't know if those bugs were fixed.

Quantum:Those don't have an awesome secondary effect, but have a good base damage, and an acceptable cooldown. You should try to use some of those "proyectile weapons officers"-doffs so they can recharge your torp faster. Against an unshielded target, or if your target has a shield down, a HYIII can be desvastating.

Fleet versions had better stats, but right now my fleet torp is in my bank, currently I have the wide angle torpedo, lower base damage than an fleet one, but i really like the 180? firng arc
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