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# 1 Server Not Responding
08-06-2013, 05:27 AM
This problem only happens on one of my characters. I click the login button for him and it loads to 94% and then server not responding error pops up and will continue indefinitely. The problem is on cryptic's end. Either they have banned one of my character and have not told me or there is a wierd bug that will not allow me to access my character. Branflakes please pm me or another of the Devs because at this point nothing has been done about any problem that I have had.
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# 2
08-06-2013, 07:54 AM
You are having this problem because PWE/Cryptic rented their rack space from Cogent, a very "lowest bid" company who also started carrying Netflix traffic. What is going on is that Cogent is dumping huge amounts of traffic (mostly netflix) onto the "last mile" infrastructure of Verizon, and Verizon is demanding that they balance the load equally and neither side wants to budge, so Verizon has allocated only so much bandwidth to Cogent and that's it.

So if you are on Verizon or some re-bundled Verizon as your internet, your traffic is being routed through this problem spot where Cogent meets the Verizon infrastructure near Boston, and that's what is causing this problem.

It is PWE fault, in that they went with a known cheapskate provider but if you get any response (besides your thread merged into that huge mess of a thread) it will be PWEBranflakes trying to spin this as an issue with your ISP and not their fault.

Basically you can use a free VPN (and have really bad lag) or pay for a VPN ($10 a month to get a fast reliable one) or wait for Verizon and Cogent to settle the problem (it has been going on for months and isn't likely to resolve any time soon).

What you should NOT do, under any circumstances, is expect PWE to do anything to help you.

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