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# 1 Whats up with the shard?
01-25-2010, 06:11 AM
For the past 4 days at least, around 2 a.m. CST my connection to the shard goes from great to absolute rubbish. Server not Responding at the load screens. If I do manage to get in, it's usually fine until I have to load into a different zone. As soon as I try, Server not responding and I have to tab out to my task manager and kill the process.

Also, since I'm having to relog every single time I load a new area, I notice that upon trying to login, I sometimes hang at getting maps and then get disconnected about 10 times in a row.

It makes no sense that during the lowest populated time for the server, that the server should perform the worst. During the day when there are tons of people on, it's just fine.

Is there a particular reason for this?

(Before someone else tries to say it, I'll establish this... it's not my LAN, it's not the WAN, it's not the TCP socket connections, my ISP gives gaming ports priority in their packet shaping. Everything is good. I'm sending packets but the server is not sending them back.)

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