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# 1 Tribble Store update
08-12-2013, 02:27 AM
Is there any possibility of the tribble store unlocks being updated.

I can understand that the ZEN part might not be "synched" from the holodeck part to prevent misuse, but I have many unlocks in the store, which i am unable to use when making a new char on tribble simply because my tribble store state was copied 1.5y ago

Would very much love to see some change to this, either with an extra button in the tribble-account/transfer screen, or by some "monthly update script" run by the tribble maintainers when they put in big patches.

This really makes it hard to test out specific stuff or changes with items from the store.

On a sidenote .... when looking at this, it might also be possible to "copy" the reputation state of a character over to tribble, to enable the "complete" testing of that part of the game system.

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