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One of my favorite aspects of STO is the Tailor, specifically: character customization and the "collecting" of costumes. I have reached 100 costume slots unlocked on my account. I have purchased every costume set released. Call me a fashionista. Call me crazy. But playing "virtual dress-up" is something I enjoy in this game.

Sadly, the game's Tailor and costumes are not perfect and there are bugs. Fortunately, since the thread started in Aug 2013, there have been several bug fixes (listed at the bottom of this post), and we know the Devs Are Watching, so that's great!

In addition to my own issues, I try to keep a list of problems other players have reported.

If you'd like to add your own bugs to the thread, be sure to include:
Affected character(s) name@handle, race, gender, faction (and allegiance, if relevant), if dealing with a captain or BO costume, your submitted bug-ticket number, links to pictures, and any other detailed information that can help find and resolve the problem.

Please keep it civil and above all, on topic. This is not a complaint thread, it's about working with the Devs to get things fixed. Also, please DO NOT include the pictures directly in the thread, just post links to your photos. Too many photos makes the thread hard to read (especially when people start quoting/re-posting the pix).


Havelock's Costume and Tailor Issues:
These are issues by which I have been personally affected. Each is linked to documented info, usually including screenshots and bug report ticket numbers.

Issues Reported by Others:
These are issues reported in this thread by other players:
  • Gorn have lost their Mass and Physique sliders (source).
  • Caitians in Beachcomers have odd legs/feet (source).
  • Trill lack of spots on bare feet (source).
  • Some KDF characters' costume slots become unusable (cannot wear, rename, or edit) (source).
  • KDF Marauder BOff Outfits can't be changed (source).
  • Unlocked Scarves cannot be selected for Fed-Alied Romulans/Lib Borg Roms (source).
  • Some characters (Orions for example) have missing body parts (source).
  • Romulans experience major clipping when using Winter Coats (source).
  • Romulans can't use the faction-neutral Omega Force ground set costume (source).
  • Female calves become more thin in Tight Pants (source).
  • Female thighs get significantly skinnier when wearing certain skirts (22nd Century Romulan, Sierra, KDF Warrior, etc.) while calves remain unchanged, becoming disproportionate (source).
  • Trill spots are not continuous between the face and shoulders; there's a blank area in-between. Can be seen very clearly when wearing low- or wide-collar tops such as the TOS Mirror "Sportsbra", the Counselor top, etc. (source).
  • KDF Korath uniform bugs (source).
  • Winter Long Jacket clips severely when worn by Romulan (source).
  • Romulan KDF Uniform spontaneously changed to Romulan Republic (source).
  • Some Romulan BOffs have trouble changing uniform colors, the colors are locked between different costume pieces (souce).
  • Clipping occurs when extreme body shapes are used (source).
  • Omega Force Armor Hip Attachments are missing on Alien (source) and KDF Lib Borg (source) Romulans.
  • Romulan Senate Robes have mixed color palette (source).
  • Costume/Hair parts are sometimes randomly linked (source).
  • Save Outfit button saves corrupted file (source).
  • Saved Costume File only shows Extreme Close-up (source).
  • Tailor shows armor parts for uneditable BOffs (source).
  • Tailor Reset/Randomize have incorrect Tooltips (source).
  • Bortasqu Uniform Belt looks like over-sized hula-hoop on KDF Alien Female (source).
  • KDF Females are missing access to TOS Belt (source).
  • MACO Striker (Adapted MACO) color pallets are limited (source).
  • Female Aliens have lost the Reman Ears option. This prevents changes to existing uniforms (source).
  • Starfleet Females can't use Mercenary Belt with Tight Pants or Skirts (source).
  • KDF now have Off Duty uniforms, but they still can't open Ferengi Lobi outfit boxes (source).
  • Romulan Faction BOffs seem to be somehow divided by their "original alignment" so despite which the alignment of their Commissioning Captain, they may not have access to the correct faction's uniform (source).
  • Romulan Faction BOffs seem to be somehow divided by their "original alignment" so despite which the alignment of their Commissioning Captain, they may not have access to the correct faction's uniform (source).
  • Romulan Veteran uniform (long coat) has a clipping issue on the back (source).
  • When modifying Off Duty or Non-Uniform costumes, character's appearance gets reset (source).
  • Female mid-ankle "Panels and Pockets" pants have changed (source).
  • Wells Uniform Pants color pallet doesn't match the top (source).
  • Both Space and Ground Costumes are missing in the Foundry (list).

Tailor/Costume Suggestions:
  • The LoR Tailor Pre-Made Face/Hair Columns get in the way, especially the center Face column. Please remove these when we enter Advanced Mode (ideally), move them both to the far right, have an option to remove/move them, or otherwise get them out of the way.
  • Allow Romulan Character's C-Store BOffs (Amazon Borg, Photo BOff) to wear Romulan Republic clothing so they can match the rest of their crewmates.
  • Unlock Customization on "Special" BOffs (Photonic, Breen, Nausicaan, Reman, Embassy, etc).
  • Extend head skin types to the rest of the body (example: Borg Infected).
  • KDF needs more/additional clothing/hair/color options. This has been an issue since day one, but is only exaggerated by seeing the options Romulans get. Top Examples:
    • Dahar Master Long Coat
    • Lursa and B'etor Dresses
    • Orion Bikini's with Boots
    • Canon-Like/Non-Dreadlock Hair
    • TOS Female Uniforms (as featured in the "Day of the Dove" episode)
  • Costume Selection window (outside Tailor):
    • Add a Sort (alphabetize) button.
    • Window should retain it's position so it doesn't always pop-up in the middle of the screen.
    • It should also stay open after a uniform change is applied.
  • In the Tailor, for the Costume Selection screen:
    • Add a Sort (alphabetize) button.
    • Add a Delete (empty) Slot button.
  • Add appearance options for Ship's Crew, Security Teams, Medics, etc. While full customization would be preferred, offering 3-6 preset character-selectable options would do. Examples:
    • Fed: TOS, TNG, Antares, Sierra, Jupiter, Odyssey.
    • KDF: TOS, Basic, Academy, Mercenary/Orion, Bortasqu
    • Rom: Rom Republic 1, RR2, Rom Fed 1, Rom KDF 1, Reman
  • Do away with the different costume-types/slots (Uniform, Off Duty, Formal, etc.) and allow all costume pieces to be mix'n'matched.
  • Allow Bridge Officers access to all unlocked clothing including Off Duty uniforms, Formal Wear, Rep Armor, etc.
  • Offer multiple costume slots for Bridge Officers.
  • Offer beards/facial hair for Romulans.
  • Add manes and M'ress-style hair for Caitians and Ferasans.
  • Improve fabric effects such as those on the Mirror Universe Belt, Formal Dress Belts, and the various Capes (KHG, KDF Vet, Romulan). They tend to stick up and out unnaturally, and sometimes clip with the person wearing them.
  • Offer accessories packs including shoes, hats, etc. that can be worn with any outfit.

Resolved Issues/Suggestions Implemented:

Again, please feel free to post additional notes/comments about any of the above. Details, including pictures, bug report tickets, etc. are appreciated, but DO NOT include the pictures directly in the thread, just post links to your photos. Too many photos makes the thread hard to read (especially when people start quoting/re-posting the pix).

Lastly, if/when you find a bug has been resolved (especially if you were the one to report it/it wasn't one of mine), do please post that it's fixed so we can update/remove it from the list. Thanks!

You can find/contact me in game as @PatricianVetinari. Original Join Date: Feb 2010.
Need Help with Ship's Power? Check out my Ship Power Guide and Calculator.

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# 2
08-12-2013, 01:18 PM
Romulan 22nd Century Uniform Issues

Current Status: Resolved as of Jan 30, 2014.

The problem is that the top doesn't use the same color pallet as the rest of the uniform (especially the Sash).

The Upper uses the Federation Standard color pallet, while the Sash and other parts of the uniform use the Off Duty Pastel pallet. With the latter OD pallet we can get nearly identical to what was shown on the TV show and what's in the C-Store now, that would be ideal to use that, but either pallet would do, so long as all pieces matched.

The product was advertised in this Cryptic Sample Image included in the costume blog and similar to what was posted in the Legacy Pack page. It is apparent the pieces match-up.

The July 11, 2013 Release Notes mention these uniforms "should now allow proper tinting for all pieces and color palates for all items should now match each other." It was reported by multiple forum posts, the same day, after the patch and I opened ticket ID #1,870,122 that the issue still exists.

The Holodeck Aug 15, 2013 Release Notes read: TOS Romulan Uniform color palettes have been updated. While the top does not have the same palette, more colors may now be matched. The pallets that don't match: Upper/Sash haven't been changed at all. They are still Fed Standard and OD Pastel as described above. Opened another ticket advising still broken ID #1,930,772.

As an additional note, these should be renamed 23rd Century Uniforms, or better yet Romulan TOS Uniforms. It also would be nice if female characters could use the helmet.

The Jan 30, 2014 listed more fixes with the uniform, and I finally got a chance to log in yesterday and test them out. Yay! Finally fixed!

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# 3
08-12-2013, 01:19 PM
Romulan Republic 1 Uniform Top Clipping

Current Status: Resolved as of Oct 24, 2013.

This used to be my favorite Romulan Uniform, but with the July 25, 2013 update to Holodeck the uniform got broken. It appears a new undershirt (part of the RR2 uni?) was added and is clipping with the original top. Here are before and after pictures. The before as the costume appeared at LoR launch and up until the July 25 update, the latter showing where it now clips (highlighted by white circles).

The problem was reported by multiple Tribble forum posts and on July 16, 2013, via Tribble ticket ID #42,206.

On Aug 21, 2013 Brandon replied in another thread that he had talked to the "team and they are aware and hope to have a resolution for it out in a future patch -- I don't have an ETA to provide, unfortunately."

On Oct 07, 2013 player Ruinsfate sent a tweet to Brandon, who replied "team is investigating".

Current Status: Oct 18, 2013 - Fixed on Tribble (S8): "Resolved an issue with clipping for the Female Romulan Republic Upper uniform #1 piece."

Oct 23, 2013 - Fixed on RedShirt, meaning it's likely to hit Holodeck before S8 (possibly even very soon)!

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# 4
08-12-2013, 01:20 PM
TNG Split Pants Bug

Current Status: Resolved as of Aug 15, 2013.

The pants have odd lines in them, especially near the feet. Also the color of the pants seems off too. Sample pics here and here.

They once could be a nice dark black that would match/blend with the top, when it was black. Now the pants can't get as dark as the top, it's got a hint of grey in it. Looking at it more closely... It's almost as if the TNG pants got merged with the Enterprise jumpsuit pants.

This was posted by nameisstolen to the forums on July 11, 2013.

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# 5
08-12-2013, 01:34 PM
I think this a brilliant idea of a thread and i hope the Devs pay attention.

I mostly play STO because i have a weakness for Trek Art, so the uniforms and ships designs getting messed up really bothers me.

I won't be buying any of the Rom Uniforms until they are fixed.

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# 6
08-12-2013, 01:39 PM
Romulan Republic have Inconsistent Tailor Pallets and Color Squares that are Broken, Extra, or Missing
Colour palettes for Romulans make no discernible sense at all. Some costume pieces have the new "Romulan Vibrant" pallet, other parts (even of the same uniform) use the Federation "Standard", while others use Off-Duty Pastel, KDF Drab, or even new "Mini-Khaki" pallets. Some items offer a pallet of only one color (some boots, for example).

Pallets vary greatly by captain race, BOff race, gender, etc. There is no apparent consistency at all.

Also, many of the clothing items available to the KDF have extra color squares that have no apparent affect. Other items are missing squares when worn by certain races/genders/BOffs, so are limited in their color selection (ie Workman boots that can only be black).

Specific photo examples are coming soon.

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# 7
08-12-2013, 01:49 PM
Klingon Bortasqu Uniform Issues
The Bortasqu uniform is missing the Shoulder Pads and I believe the Sash displayed on the mannequin near the First City Tailor. Also the Wrist Attachments color selection is "broken" - There are certain color squares that should be changing the color of the metal, and others that should be changing the color of the inner parts (the "leather"?), but instead they are changing the top-half and bottom-half of the attachment.

May 2, 2014 Update:
Callevista posted that there are upcoming plans to resolve this.

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# 8
08-12-2013, 02:00 PM
Nausicaan Risian Beachcomber Collar Bug

Current Status: Resolved as of Apr 22, 2014.
I was trying to add my new Risian Beachcomber outfit to my KDF Nausicaan Captain, but there's a bug. I'm forced to take the bright red "KDF Holiday 2012" scarf. I can't unselect it, because on the Off Duty Uniform page, the Collar option is missing.

I tried switching to Uniform and selecting another scarf or even one of the two Armored collars, then switching back to Off Duty, but it doesn't help. No matter what I select for a Collar option on any of the uniform slot types, when I switch back to Off Duty, the KDF Holiday 2012 scarf reappears.

And what's worse, the scarf it clipping terribly with the Risian Explorer top.

Here's a screenshot showing the scarf, clipping, and lack of collar option.

Aug 19, 2013 Update:
It's been pointed out that Nausicaans are unable to not select a collar, that it's a mandatory piece of clothing, regardless of outfit chosen, and this should be corrected.

Apr 23, 2014 Update:
Last night while trying out the new Season 9, I noticed this bug is resolved. There is now a Collar option on my Nausicaan's Off Duty clothes that includes "None". This was not mentioned in the S9 Release Notes, and I seem to recall seeing something about collar options mentioned in previous notes, but after a quick search I could not find exactly when the fix was implemented. That's ok, it's done/fixed. Yay!

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# 9
08-12-2013, 02:09 PM
Risian Flower Packs Color Pallets
The color pallets on these costume items are inconsistent. For a Fed Male character, the Head, Neck, Wrist, Leg, and Ankle pieces all use the Off Duty Pastel Pallet, the Belt uses the Fed Standard Pallet.

Also, each flower piece offers four color squares, but the fourth as no apparent affect.

Specific photo examples are coming soon.

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# 10
08-12-2013, 02:11 PM
Jupiter Veteran Belt Loop Colors Can't Be Changed
The belt loops are stuck on a default grey color, and there's no option to change them (as seen here). You can see there are options for the belt color (shown in green), and the buckle (in red), but the loops can not be adjusted to match the jacket.

In the upper right-corner inset of the picture you can see that the standard (non-veteran) Jupiter Belt not only has a color option for the belt loops, but also the ability to control the buckle frame. It would be nice to have this on the Veteran as well, but I'd be happy with at least making my belt loops match the jacket being worn.

This is an old problem having been around since the costume made it's debut.

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