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12-02-2013, 12:12 AM
Originally Posted by lan451 View Post
Didn't see this listed in the OP, so apologies if it's already been reported.

I just picked up the Wells uniform and it looks like the pants colors can't be matched to the top very well.

Example Male:

Example Female:

The pants just look like a dark gray instead of black which doesn't match to the top. Also as you can see from my sidebar there, these are specifically "Wells" pants and not the TNG split bottoms. Quite annoying since it's 200 lobi to get this set.
It's a well know fact that Cryptics devs seem to establish, a slightly different color palette with ever costume set.
Why they do that? I don't know, maybe they create each new uniform from scratch and done compare them to previous ones or their Monitor calibration is too dark. But that's their problem. As you said it, we PAY for that stuff and we should expect they match with each other.
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12-02-2013, 12:28 AM
Originally Posted by lan451 View Post
Didn't see this listed in the OP, so apologies if it's already been reported.

I just picked up the Wells uniform and it looks like the pants colors can't be matched to the top very well.
I had the same issue. There is a solution, however:
Some uniforms, including the Wells pants have an "invisible" second color. Switch to one of those pants which has two color options and change both of them to the one you want to have, then switch back to the Wells one. It will fit.
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12-05-2013, 12:49 AM
According to the latest patch notes, the undo/redo functionality in the tailor is being restored!

Btw, I'm not sure if this has been reported, but trying to use the korath trousers with any top other than the korath top on an orion female results in a rather odd looking gap between the torso and the trousers at the waist. There's also a metric f**k ton of colour linkage issues, as well as colour boxes that have no apparent effect.
Plus the limited colour pallets on many parts of it. Oh, and the mesh weighting issue on the female collar that makes it look absolutely awful and even worse when the character turns their head. Actually, no that collar looks awful anyway and it should be made a separate piece from the korath top.

Gods, I really should have gone to tribble and done a test purchase first. To think I blew 200 lobi on that monstrosity after several weeks of not being able to log in and get the daily lobi due to the crash-on-startup bug!
Originally Posted by virusdancer
ARC: A way to Redeem Codes

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12-05-2013, 02:57 AM
Frankly i just wish they would open up the color palettes for everything.
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12-05-2013, 03:37 AM
If you wanna see a big ass just use the korath top on a female as well. Some costumes just dont fit. Another exsmple would be the female admiral coat. Extremely wide hips and large ass are the results
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12-05-2013, 07:33 AM
Voth Light Soldier Uniform Issues

Current Status - Dec 6, 2013 - Forwarded to character team to evaluate.

Several days ago I got the Voth Light Soldier Uniform, and while I find it a great looking uniform (so much so, I've got my crew in it), but sadly, there are some bugs:

The armpits are missing and there are visible "seams" where the arms connect to the shoulder. The seams are a little difficult to see in these pictures, but if you zoom in, they are there. Also the seams are quite clear when your character is moving around. I've taken a few pictures, including one that shows my character's body sliders (that they aren't too extreme):

Missing Armpits and Visible Seams:

Body Sliders

Seams from another Angle

Submitted ticket ID #2,095,543.

After submitting the above ticket I noticed two other minor issues:

I found the costume had a Hip Layer which offered four color boxes. When I clicked on each box, I was able to successfully change colors normally, but regardless of which color I picked, the boxes remained black:

When putting the costume on Bridge Officers, I found that the colors for the accessories (shoulder pads, collar, chest gear, wrist/hip attach, feet, and belt) were linked. I couldn't change one without affecting the other. This wasn't too bad, as I wanted the pieces to match exactly anyway (in fact adding this as a option similar to how master colors are selected in Champions would be a great time saving feature), but if one wanted different colors, it's not possible.

Also, JohnGazman, FuturePastNow, and JoDarkRider have the following issues:
Originally Posted by johngazman View Post
When using the Voth Soldier Uniform on a Gorn or a Ferasan, an additional option is added called "Bare Chest" which has two options; Bare Chest and Bare Chest Gorn/Ferasan - one of these options, when chosen, causes said Gorn or Ferasan's arms to turn pink (Image).

Using the other option causes the arms to revert to their natural colour, but the fact that this happens at all is an issue. Does not occur on Humans, Trill, Orions or Klingons.
Originally Posted by futurepastnow View Post
Picked up the Voth soldier Lobi costume. It's nice. I opened it on one of my KDF characters, a female Orion engineer. Some issues I noted:
  • The boots and belts don't work with the Warrior's Skirts (nor do the Orion sandal feet).
  • The color palette, while awesome, doesn't allow for easy color matching with other KDF parts (same problem with the Miner outfit).
  • The hip-cape thing gets twisted and tangled easily. It can be untangled, of course, but it may need a little more rigidity if possible. It also clips on the legs sometimes.
  • Is it intended that males and females have different chest-harness pieces? Having both as options either way would be nice.
  • Others have noted that Gorn and Caitian/Faresan forearms are untextured in certain combos, though I couldn't test this.

Edit: I didn't mean for that post to sound so complainy, I do like the costume.
Originally Posted by jodarkrider View Post
The chest piece - Voth Harness, clips with every upper uniform option except the Voth, T'Pol uniform and Veteran uniform. I tried to mix-up on a male character and it worked flawlessly just fine on every upper uniform piece, so maybe look into this as well? I'd love to mix the Voth parts on female character as well, without clipping issues.

One example for all - can't mitigate the issue on any settings.

Here the example of issue
Dec 5, 2013 -
Originally Posted by crypticjoejing View Post
I forwarded your issues on this to the rest of the character team to evaluate. Thanks!

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12-05-2013, 07:50 AM
Voth Heavy Combat Armor Issues

Current Status: Resolved as of Jan 30, 2014 - All remaining glowy bits have been fixed. The armor's color pallet and shoulder pads are working as intended, details below.

After completing the Dyson T5 Rep, purchasing all three pieces to the Mk XII ground sent, and running the Heavy Combat Armor Costume Unlock project, I found the following problems:

Here are two pictures of the armor when worn with "Show Visuals" enabled:

Here's the armor "costume", notice there are no glowy bits:

We can't make it look "canon", nor how we see it in our Rep. The color pallets don't match. Primary color pallet is only a few shades of dark-to-light-grey, the shoulder pads are different, and we can't make the glowy-bits on the chest and helmet light-up. This is much different than these examples from Tribble.

Dec 5, 2013 - In another thread, Brandon posted the following about my above pictures:
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
I'm fairly confident this is not intended. I've passed the report along to the art team.
Later the same day, in that same thread, CrypticJoeJing replied:
Originally Posted by crypticjoejing View Post
Hiya! Thanks for the heads up and feedback guys. reverse order

1. Glowy bits not being glowy is definitely a bug (visor and chest lights). It absolutely shouldn't be black unless that's what you choose. Fix is going in as we speak! Should be in an upcoming build soon.

2. Shoulder pads are different by design to help differentiate between enemy critters and players.

3. Color palette differences are partially because the promo art was generated before the colors, textures, and materials were locked down for the armor. The main metal is intentionally limited to our grey metal color selections, but you should be able to get close to the shot with the three Voth. And the other two channels give a wide range of color options. That said, the shine and reflective properties of metal might look dramatically different depending what zone you are in (different lighting generates different results - same as real life, it's often just more noticeable on metal).
Dec 6, 2013 - When asked about the armor colors not matching the Dyson Experimental Gun, CrypticJoeJing replied:
Originally Posted by crypticjoejing View Post
I actually don't personally know about the gun. I'll see what I find out from the team. It *might* be that the Dyson Experimental Rifle is ancient Dyson tech, which wouldn't necessarily match the Voth armor (who are not natives of the Dyson Sphere).
Originally Posted by crypticjoejing View Post the infos, yo:

The Dyson Ex. Rifle is "an Alliance-developed 'Anti-Voth' rifle. Hence the intentional disparity in style

It actually shoots 'Proton' energy, the exact opposite of Voth 'Anti-Proton' weaponry "

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12-05-2013, 09:01 AM
Thank you all for your patience, it's been a busy few weeks. I've added a couple new bugs I have with the Voth uniforms (above) and went through the thread to pick-up your reports since my last update.

Added to the OP:
Jorumgandr: Rom Vet Uni back clipping.
Canis36 and Murphysgesetz: Modifying non-uniform resets character.
Johngazman and FuturePastNow: Voth Light Soldier issues added to my post (above).
Frtoaster: Panels and Pockets changes.
Lan451: Wells pants issue.

Need more info:
Seniorkafei after today's patch (which fixes some female clipping and proportion issues), is this still an issue:

Captaincreos: Fleet Emblem missing (Please post more specifics, perhaps list what races/uniforms you're trying to use, include pix, bug tkt, etc.)

Borthanius: You list several things in your e-mail with angst as though you've reported it before. Do you have bug ticket numbers, pictures, and/or any other details? Some of your complaints I can address directly: The TOS uniform costume set was only ever advertised as a Federation uniform, it wouldn't include KDF female TOS costumes, but it's a good idea and I've added this to the OP suggestion area. You can make TOS looking Klingons (I know, I've got one), not sure why you can't... Can you be more specific? With the exception of a handful of free costume changes you may earn during rank-up, all characters have to pay the Tailor EC when creating/modifying a costume. This is a normal game mechanic.

To Borthanius, Chrisolliec, Tpalelena: The issue with KDF Costume slots is Known, already listed in the OP, and even mentioned in today's Release Notes.

Starmada1, Shadowwraith77, and CaptainOblivous: Please provide links to pictures and, if available, ticket number.

If I missed anything, let me know.

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Romulan and Borg Liberated Romulan females ought to be able to use the "Long" hairstyle, but presently can't. Bear in mind that Vulcan females can already use it and considering Romulans and Vulcans originated from a common species, and still share many very similar attributes and appearances, there is no reason why a Romulan female shouldn't be able to use that hairstyle as well.
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Crypticjoejing, I know you read this thread.

The Female Romulan 22nd Century outfit is STILL BUGGED. It's been bugged since Day 1 of Season 7. It's been bugged through at least two 'supposed' fixes of the uniform (one of which did mostly correct male outfits).

The color palette is *still* the standard Federation palette for most parts while the Sash uses Federation Off Duty, so it *CANNOT* be matched to the rest of the outfit. At least if the whole outfit used the same (even if wrong) palette, everything would match. As it is, the outfit (that I and others *paid* for) is almost unusable because of the color mismatches.

Also, the Romulan 22nd Century outfit, when worn by Borg of either sex (such as the Reman Borg officer and Romulan Borg PCs), have no color palette *at all* on the majority of boots. Some boots work, but most cannot be changed beyond their default colors.

PLEASE, its about time that these bugs are taken care of!

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