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I understand that this is an unneeded thread for a lot of players but it may be helpful to a surprisingly large number of people having trouble claiming the DS9 uniform freebie given away in C-store today.

I hope this helps alleviate the problem somewhat.

Firstly, many players don't realise they already have the DS9 UNIFORM unlocked already. It is included in the Collector's Edition disc (with a code), dropped from Cardassian lockboxes, was sold on the exchange, was available from Lobi store and various other promo codes from game and tech sites (which is where I got mine about 6 months ago).

To claim, or determine if you already own it and forgot/didn't notice follow the steps below.

1 - Click the z-store/c-store tab on the minimap box of a FEDERATION character(bottom left corner of the minimap). This will open the C/Z-store window (which I will call c-store).
2 - Select the Appearance tab in the c-store window and scroll down. If you do not see the DS9 UNIFORM (or it states already purchased) congratulations... you already own the item. You may now skip to step 4.
3 - If step 2 did not confirm you already own the DS9 UNIFORM you should see it with a zero zen amount next to it. Click it and then click CLAIM at the bottom right hand corner of the c-store window. Congratulations, you now own the DS9 UNIFORM.
4 - To find your UNIFORM top go to any tailor and click either your character or a Bridge Officer and then either create/modify a uniform. To create a new uniform you must have available costume slots. Modifying does as its name suggests and changes the uniform you have selected.
5 - Click on the UNIFORM button under the Advanced tab and make sure you are using a UNIFORM slot as your item will not show up in off-duty/formal (you can make sure of this by first clicking the Head tab under advanced and a dropdown on the top right corner will give you the options Uniform/Off-duty/Formal. If it is greyed out as UNIFORM you are good to go)
6 - Under UPPER you should find Deep Space Nine with a green check mark next to it. It is below Bajoran 2 and above Deep Space Nine - Open. This is your new FREE uniform piece. Click it to see it in action and enjoy.

Some things to note...
This is not the DS9 BUNDLE (which includes a shuttle, admiral's jacket and pants, vedek robes, bajoran phasers and other goodies and costs 2200 zen (approx)), it is the DS9 UNIFORM which includes a top only (the bottoms are the same as the TNG/Voy ones and are currently glitched).
This IS an account unlock, so claiming once will unlock it on all your eligible (ie Federation) characters for an account.
It is likely that the next free unlock will operate in the same way.

If I've missed something please let me know and I'll edit appropriately.

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08-13-2013, 10:17 AM
Very helpful - I was pretty sure I had it already, but was surprised it wasn't listed with an "already purchased" tag on it. A little confusing on Cryptic's part.
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08-13-2013, 10:34 AM
Apparently it depended on HOW people got it. If you purchased it directly from C-store it would show as Already Purchased. If you got it with a code (say from a gaming site, collectors edition disc, or even from the Cardassian lockboxes allegedly) it would simply disappear from the list.
Glad the "walk-through" helped though.
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08-13-2013, 10:38 AM
I'd also like to point out that it's likely that most lifetimers had theirs automatically accepted as many items have been in the past when made free for 1k veterans.

So, while I saw absolutely nothing in the store (even a choice for it with a claimed in the button one normally uses for purchases) it was in the tailor waiting for me on my fed toons when I opened the tailor interface window at ESD.
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08-13-2013, 11:17 AM
So my wife had this one and I didn't (other way round for the TOS one, weird).
The walkthrough is still pretty valid for the TOS costume, as long as the person reading looks to TOS Command Tunic instead of DS9 Uniform.
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08-14-2013, 11:55 AM
It's not just packs, but dilithium purchases....

i.e. KDF captain buys the To'duj shuttle for dil or gets it as a freebie from the Cardassian episodes. This is NOT the account unlock version. You have to create a NEW KDF captain (or have one that hasn't claimed the ship) to claim this unlock.

Well this is all free... but really... perhaps they didn't have a lot of time to implement it.

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