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Originally Posted by gibbspt View Post
bah you're rigth thats what happens when you fast read every thing and you see lots of people basicly saying i'm sorry... =), all i want is that this game is fair and fun to play...

but the part about the escorts i keep it because its related to the post you did right before mine... xD

Well, I appreciate you taking the time to go back and take a second look and also for the apology.

So, apology accepted. No hard feelings from me, and I hope to have good matches against you in the future.

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How the hell did i miss this post :S

Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
Reputation-based defensive and offensive abilities are individually within acceptable power limits, but ultimately the systems scale too well in that you don't have to give anything up to equip many, many passive powers. Ultimately I think this system makes more sense to move towards a deck-building system (e.g., you have 8 slots for Rep powers and can slot any 8 powers you've unlocked), but that'd be a huge system overhaul and would understandably upset players who already have access to more than 8 rep powers. We could also do something like make all the Rep powers much more potent, but limit you to 2 or 3 each in Space and Ground, plus 1 tier 5 active power, or something like that. This is all just me thinking out loud - there are no plans to change the reputation powers at this time.
Now this idea of a decking system is just genius. Allows balance through saturation. Balanced through limitation but still giving more content and variability. Also allows for money makin in way of Rep system retrait token

Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
Item powers like Fleet Shields or Fleet Weapons are much less of a problem, systemically - you have to choose an item to slot, and in so doing, you give necessarily give up on all other choices. The problem, then, is that there are not enough legitimate options for those slots (especially shields and fleet weapons) that perform on an equal footing. This is a mechanical balance problem - if we made Elite Fleet Phasers into a force multiplier rather than a selfish buff, for instance, inequalities between KDF and SF fleet weapons would disappear.
Now your dropping hints that you have been listening (More watching really)
Force multiplier bonus in way of team shield heal / resistance equal and opposite to the elite disruptors or force multiplier in giving the same debuff as KDF elite disruptor weapons?

Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
With regards to your disagreement, I evaluate good or bad gameplay on two axes: Is this "fun", and does it feel "fair"? Both axes are highly subjective, so of course it's possible that I may gauge something to be a problem on both axes and you may find it fine on both, but it's my job to be as objective as possible and consider the entire spectrum of our playerbase when making such evaluations. Something like Double-tap Overloads feels very fun to the person using it, but is extremely anti-fun to the recipient. A large portion of fun in combat comes from the base human state cycle of analyze events, determine action, take action, gauge success of action, recalculate, goto 1. Any time something cuts out that cycle, it creates a deep feeling of resentment or unfairness, and the earlier in the cycle you drop out, the more unfair it feels. In the case of anything that deals massive damage to a player with no warning, they are removed from the behavior cycle outlined above before they even start - it's essentially the worst problem a piece of gameplay can have.
Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
Hope that makes sense! Doing a lot of math today, so the part of my brain that does English is sitting in the proverbial backseat, heh.

Good luck with that!
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"No, there is no real problem with P2W in STO. Obviously, if you fight against someone with an equal level of skill in the game, better equipment will give you an edge. But usually, it is the skill level that determines the outcome, not the P2W." - Sprinkles

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Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
We don't cater to any build - we just want to set up good, basic groundrules for combat that are fair and fun for all. Dying in 3 seconds isn't fun. Dying only after 30 minutes is also not fun. There's a middle ground - we've got to get there. It's really that simple.
I had started a reply to your reply to me....but I noticed that if I were to hit preview on it, I'd likely crash the forums database. Heh, I can ramble. I decided to kill that reply and step back. In coming back, I saw this and I wanted to touch upon it (it was one of the things that I brought up in my reply that never happened).

Unfortunately, while it is that simple - it is not that simple at all, imho.

You've got RA, VA, Fleet, and Lockbox ships.
You've got T1-T5 passives in 3 Reps (and more Reps on the way).
You've got Mission/Loot/Exchange gear.
You've got Rep gear.
You've got Fleet gear.
You've got Lobi and Lockbox gear.
You've got Ship gear.
You've got crossfaction ship consoles.
You've got Rom BOFFs and you've got not Rom BOFFs.
You've got DOFFs out the wahzoo.
You've got different Career abilities.
You've got new Career traits.
You've got Lockbox traits.
You've got AFKers, PUGs, Pugmades, and Premades.
You've got people that have been PvPing in STO for three some years.
You've got people that are trying PvP for the first time.

There are just so many - so many - oh so many variables involved.

How can you have basic groundrules when there are so many variables involved?

A person should not die in under 3s. So the person at the far left of the scale (RA ship, hodgepodge mix of mission loot, rainbow extravaganza, never PvP'd before, etc, etc, etc) being attacked by the person at the far right of the scale (Lockbox ship, extreme mix of Fleet/Rep/Lobi/Lockbox/etc gear, a build fine tuned over the years, PvPing for years)...

...well, it would be like somebody prepared for a Casual level of difficulty walking into a mission set on Armageddon Mode.

This may be coming out of leftfield - may be coming out of the parking lot of the 7-Eleven down the street from the parking lot for the stadium - but...

What if another mode of PvP were created based on some of the items/mechanics/systems that exist in the game already?

There are the various threads where folks want to fly various hero ships (but don't feel they're up to snuff for PvP). There are the various threads where folks want the actual Fed-KDF war. Etc, etc, etc...there are those threads.

We've got the Temporal Ambassador mission with the prefab Ambassador.

So...a PvP-mode with prefab ships. There's no having to balance any items, because the items on the ships - skills, gear, etc, etc, etc are prefabs - it is balanced (so to speak). There is no guy on the left fighting the guy on the right...and thousands of posts about it.

When players queue, they decide which of the prefab ships they want to fly. Want to monetize it? Add the ability to unlock various ships at a cost - the ships would still be balanced for the level of play, but if somebody really wanted to fly X ship instead of Y ship - then they could do so, via Dil or Zen, etc, etc, etc. Maybe if they've bought the ship already, they can select it or perhaps get a decent discount on it. Vanity skins for the ships...for sale. Things that would still make a profit, mind you - so yeah, that's going to be an entirely different discussion (has to be part of the discussion - but it's beyond the scope of this post, imho).

None of the oodles upon oodles of variables though - would be there.

So you've got a potential means for folks to have a blast in PvP - at a certain level. If they want to go into the regular play, that's there for them too. Sometimes though, folks just want to kick back and have some fun outside of PvE.

Cause, honestly - I don't believe you can balance PvP around that guy on the left and the guy on the right. You can though, balance around those guys on the left...and you can work on fixing bugs/making sure things are working as intended for the guys on the right.

I may be way off base, but I think not having to try to balance for the guys on the left with the guys on the right would alleviate a massive burden. Introducing a form of play like that, would give everybody something to do - if something did get borked hard elsewhere.

It just actual solution. Would it be cost effective? Again, there are a lot of things that may appear as a solution that might be cost effective...but the return on investment turns out to be a bust. That would just make things worse in the long run.

That's why this is more of a thought...kind of post, rather than any kind of detailed suggestion. It's more about floating the idea...
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Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
I really want to get a %healing reduction ability into every career somewhere. Not sure if the right flavor for an ability like that is to apply it to the healer (I target your deflector! Your TSS sucks now!) or the heal-ee (Proton Scattering Ray blasts your shields, making them receive 50% less healing from abilities!), but either way, it lets us make distinctions between PvE and PvP time-to-kill without hurting one for the sake of the other.
Interesting concept, hopefully we can see something like this in the future.

Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
I think purple aux2batt technicians are probably a little too strong in general, but they've been in-game as-is for so long that touching them is high-risk. Technician procs should only be affecting Bridge Officer abilities as far as I'm aware, although this proc predates my tenure here so I could be wrong on that. I suspect though that any consoles affected by Technicians are a bug.
I'll try to dig it up when I have time, but I do believe that the Technician DOFF should specifically be limited to bridge officer powers.

If you take a look at the 2, known, ships that they affect the consoles on - I think we can speculate on what is the issue.

D'Kora console - has 2 modes.
1K Vet Ship console - has 2 modes.

Both of these ships have 1 "base" mode, that is "always on".

You turn that mode off, but turning another "on".

So the EMP burst (Dkora), is part of the always on Defensive Mode and the Tachyon Inversion Beam (Vet Ships) is also "always on".

Now, aside from's another puzzle piece.

Both of these consoles have Aux power linked effects.

Dkora EMP burst drain duration is aux linked.
Tachyon Inversion Beam shield drain is aux linked.

Hope that helps.

Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
As a general guideline for MMOs, CC shouldn't be longer than 8-10 seconds - it interrupts the player behavior core loop that I talked about earlier in the thread, causing frustration. In STO space combat, that duration can probably be safely doubled, but higher than 20 seconds seems silly. Grav pulse in particular, I think its scaling is too high and its base effectiveness may be too low.
Agreed on both points.

I also think perhaps Inertial Damps (skill tree skill) might not be resisting all of the effects...effectively.

Please see my sig for more details on how to push the duration to 50s.

Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
Need more information - what are you seeing, and how is it different from what you would expect?
As stated the primary issues are the AoE debuff, that is both a cooldown reduction coupled with an AoE movement debuff.

There are not many hard counters, and I don't believe any skill tree resistances are flagged to deal with this.

Stack 2 or 3 of these on a single team, and things quickly devolve far below the point of sanity.

Originally Posted by jheinig View Post
I'm currently doing content (missions) rather than systems.

/summoned like Hastur
OK, I lol'd.

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the game can be balanced for PVP and PVE with out separating things. because its really pretty close to being balanced as it is, and i can see a path toward much beter balance, we arent up against a wall with no got options, not even close.
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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
No you just use 3 DPS ships.

The point isn't the double tap in premades... but the need for more then one super spike build in general. (yes double tap isn't the only massive spike option).

Premade Vs Preamade... yes Nuke is needed (you can even score kills with out the nukes but its hard and depending on the other teams make up perhaps impossible)...

We all know how it works right now Nuke + lots of damage. In some cases... Nuke Lots of damage Nuke Spike.... and 50/50.

At this point I think we are talking about more then the double tap.
Yeah, but the underlying point is that people think that healing has made killing really difficult or impossible.

In my experience that just isn't true, at least not in premade matches. I haven't been in too many single digit games even with heal heavy setups. I guess part of that is because our teams run full sci setups, instead of the prototypical heal setups most Feds run. It just takes some really slick coordination to get kills.

Btw, I do agree that we have too many things keeping us alive. I just don't agree with the justification for the double tap in the game.

But yeah, if it was up to me. I'd get rid of most of the crap in the game. To me the most perfect the game was for me was around the middle of 2011, even with broken FAW. lol.

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Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
OK, gotta spend the rest of the day just makin' stuff, but I'll be reading the ongoing discussion. Thanks for the collective civility, all.
I would just recommend that while making stuff to pitch some ideas of where I am going to be putting this stuff yer making when storage is already at a critical point to most players.
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wow hawk this kind of communication is highly appreciated. Lets hope something comes of it.

lol @naz "as a president"

The tenor of what the unruly pvp crowd would like to see is actually pretty stable over the last three years. Tac Team and RSP changes come to mind.

I ll stick with your themes: is it fun? is it fair? and how can people have pve like choices in pvp as well.

1) How PvE is the root of all evil.

The first fix to pvp has to come from pve. As it is 5xtac in dhc enabled ships is the idea set up for 99% of all of STO pvp. The lack of smarter enemies, time and time again has lead to balance problems. Like the original SNB doffs: Completely unbalancing and OP for PvP, no realiable way to get one, but next to useless in pve.

With tank, cc, and burst build into the meta-game, why don't npc adhere to these roles? Why don't npc encounters require them? THere is no tanking an stf gate, there is no npc (outside hive queen) that kill by sci magic. NPCs need counters, smarter behaviour, and we need encounters where tanking, cc, burst, and coordination is rewarded not punished, as healing an escort punishes a dedicated healer in all the FAs right now. Because of my heals the escort stays around longer creates more damage and gets first price. I gave up offensive ship, bo, etc options, but for what? Fair, balanced?

We need more varied and challenging pve content. Especially when leveling tactics and coutnertactics need to happen. Better documentation to help players find out about counters to common bo skills would go a long way.

2) Opportunity costs and choices.

Rep Grind, Traits, Doffs, ships, set-items, lobi items, .... have created exponentially more choices for all of us compared to launch. We need a better UI for activating skills, and new pare-doll options to be able to adjust. The cycle you describe is mostly hindered by the ui and the clumsyness of adapting to a given situation. Switching anything other then a single ens BO is a major pain in the deriere. Give us the option to store let's say 3 loadouts and builds. Including Doff, BO, UI, Consoles, ..... and all of a sudden counterplay becomes a whole different animal. This scores low on the fairness factor, but high on the fun factor both in pve and pvp. "Sure i ll run some nws with you, let me switch to my dmg build." as opposed to "sry, i m in my healboat, it ll just be painfully slow to do xyz, so i ll just pass." "or what do we need for the match, no problem got a current no BS set-up just for proper pew pew" <<<------ MOAR fun

on a side note: Giving us lower tier paper dolls to play t3 pvp would be huge. Many people like the gameplay better at lower levels.

It's not enough that there is a counter according to geko's design. We need to be able to adapt and deploy it easily, for it to become actual counterplay.

3) The red headed stepchild of systems.

how much fun do you think it is for a 3 year old toon to become completely obsolete. How many players rejoice and think it is fair, that their first toon which they grinded so hard, all of a sudden is useless because they want to pvp in it. Its infuriating when systems releases items that time after time render engies cpt abilities obsolete. MW, NI, EPS, all obsolete. Whithout fixing the class structure and changes to the meta are going to remain poorly balanced band-aids to be obsolete with the release of the next faction, item, lockbox, .... Being useless is no fun, being punished for fullfilling a support role is no fun. Taking 5x as long as others to achieve the same goal is no fun. Not having a single piece of content, requiring an eng to do an eng's job is no fun. I just cringe at all the engies coming to boot camp, knowing that there will never be enough teams to actually require their participation.

engies are obsolete, without enabling that part of the playerbase to become a viable in pve and pvp no changes to the meta will have long lasting effect, imv.

4) Activate Shield

Its sad that torps are so useless, and RSP and Tac Team are largely to blame. Why doesn't a single NPC rebalance their shields, a skill essential to PvP yet painfully absent from pve?

TT and RSP combined with elite fleet shields are the cause that started this whole debate. So let me just pitch an idea i already pitched a couple of times. What are your thoughts on making shield distribution rate an innate ship stat reversely correlated to turn rate. high turn = low distro, high distro = low turn. Tac team would be a 1.x modifier to this base stat.

This way slow turners could afford using their few tac stations more offensively, while avoiding Cd issues with ST3 and ET3. It could give both parties play and counterplay options, where there currently really isn't much of those. Current levels of Tac Team boosted redistribution would require TT3 which only escorts can slot, and thus have an opportunity cost, which they currently don't.

This nerf to Tac Team wouldn't fix torps, or shields resist but could go a long way in requiring less burst.

Tac Team is partially to blame for the whole shield and resist thing. It needs a balance pass.
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Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
Nah, most teams didn't use double tap setups to get kills.
Hi snoge,

Listen, I like to think you and I are cool. I hope it stays that way.

However, you've posted that a few times now.

Yeah, guys in my fleet have been using double taps. I have too.

On the other hand, we don't run TIF, we don't run GPG, we don't run Subspace Circuits, We don't run yellowstones, we don't run SS+DOFFs, we don't run quite a few items that we do own but purposefully choose not to use these items that tend to be controversial in the community.

So I'm not saying you, or your fleet or anyone else's fleet in particular uses these things but people do use these things.

If you can look into your heart, and say to yourself that your fleet generally doesn't or hasn't run things that could be considered questionable as a pre-made, then feel free to keep posting that.

On the other hand, none of us are angels. If you find a different answer when you ask yourself that question, maybe you'll have a different perspective when you post about others.

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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Hi snoge,

Listen, I like to think you and I are cool. I hope it stays that way.

However, you've posted that a few times now.

Yeah, guys in my fleet have been using double taps. I have too.

On the other hand, we don't run TIF, we don't run GPG, we don't run Subspace Circuits, We don't run yellowstones, we don't run SS+DOFFs, we don't run quite a few items that we do own but purposefully choose not to use these items that tend to be controversial in the community.

So I'm not saying you, or your fleet or anyone else's fleet in particular uses these things but people do use these things.

If you can look into your heart, and say to yourself that your fleet generally doesn't or hasn't run things that could be considered questionable as a pre-made, then feel free to keep posting that.

On the other hand, none of us are angels. If you find a different answer when you ask yourself that question, maybe you'll have a different perspective when you post about others.

we all know theyre scramble spamming p2w jerkwads the worst of them. i gave zelda and hobos a break for being leech/ syphon whores and breakign every faux pass in the book, then they come after my build.

the thing with double tap is if u cant do it, u cant win. not if u CANT BUY IT

italked at length with so many people, hosted a advanced pvp bootcamp class, that u snog even personally attended, all before LOR. NO ONE DARED SAY MY STYLE WAS OP THEN.

lets be real, take a step back, and ask ourselves what we expect from the game

sadly i am weak willed and mindd and im going to grab all the last of the glory i can before the nerf so im redownloadin as we speak

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