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# 1 QajunpaQ
08-15-2013, 09:54 AM
QajunpaQ means Courage, and QajunpaQ is part of the fleets/super groups/guilds of Team Courageous. Formerly the Orion Free Traders, this family fleet's youngest son made it a point to remind us that our Family Fun Night is a good idea that should be shared with others. So we redubbed the fleet to match the new philosophy of building Courageous families.

What this means for you is a fleet that's dedicated to the old idea of Family Fun Night including ranks between adults and children of each house, allowing for scheduled Family Fun Nights per family, and helping each other through tough areas and with getting good gear for everyone. It also means we have a forum dedicated not only to game play but to building up the family, with Bible studies on family, marriage, and parenting, and we hope to even have fundraisers in the future for charities.

No, this is not a fleet for just anybody, but maybe it is a fleet for you. If you think it might be, check us out at Use the Recruitment section to ask to join, ally with us, or even if you just want to have access to the Bible studies as a lurker.

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