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08-15-2013, 03:52 PM
I would say grinding is inevitable in a game like this. I also notice that Cryptic is actually pretty good about it in that they provide these special events to help us speed up the grinding.

The crystal entity revamp event gave us a good sizable chunk of fleet marks. You can also get them pretty easily by using your fleet base commendations doff missions (provided that you keep up with doing the regular doff missions consistently). The Epohh raising doff missions during the winter event gave me enough romy marks for all 5 tiers of reputation and some of the romy gears. Now I am working on the bird raising doff missions in the summer event to get enough Nukara marks for the 5 tiers. I started that one late so I probably won't have enough for all 5 tiers but it will definitely get me much closer.

Although I do find new reputation systems are being introduced too fast. It really takes time to get thru 5 tiers even with the special events. I wish they focus more on the actual game content. I don't mind having a heathy set of new themed lock box with the new ships and rewards. They got to make their money somehow. I think having more than 1 reputation system per year is way too much. They have got to give people more time in between to actually enjoy the game. When they introduce a new reputation, I feel like I am pressured into grinding it right away and that takes away normal game time where I could use for playing thru the new storyline missions. It is a delicate balance and one I think there is room for Cryptic to improve.
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Originally Posted by theneckercube View Post
Someone post weapon stats!
The Universal Console - Subspace Integration Circuit looks to be the new PvP "I win" button. When hit by it, you're disabled, blind, and immobilised - and then hit for some heavy damage when the rupture collapses.
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I have done so many of these lock boxes and ive got jack........
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Originally Posted by drlirio View Post
I would like to answer to some, won't quote as i don't think it's needed here and would make this post even longer.

Can anybody point to me where did i say grind was hard???? IT'S BORING AND NOT FUN.

I believe i also said there was no menace intended, just a friendly warning... didn't i? Did i lie when i said almost all previous post were not about the new lockbox? Be serious. I did not threat in any way, at least that was not my intention, i WARNED about what i see/feel when playing and talking to other players, and suggested SOLUTIONS, something most people here don't.

Who said i don't have a job? Are you sure you have spent more money than me on this game? I've been LTS since the game's closed beta and i had very few things left to buy on c-store when F2P arrived (with real money), and kept spending after F2P... i've spent a fair amount of cash here.

Are more people playing now than 3-4 months ago? Are they spending money? 90% of the people i meet in the game are completely F2P (never spend real money) or LTS. How many monthly subscribers the game has? Why don't they tell us?

Do you really want cryptic to keep pumping out lockboxes, rep systems, fleet holdings and the like without adding more endgame content? And this is an MMO, endgame content should be SOCIAL content, something to be done with other people. More team missions. I'm tired of getting always new better gear to do the same old missions, which are being tweaked constantly to keep a challenge because of the new gear. It's a boring grind to get better gear to keep doing the same (or very similar) boring grind... faster? no, because you have timers. What's wrong with being tired of that? Am i really the only one here who thinks that way?. Notice i never say hard grind, i say boring and repetitive and a bit of a nonsense if the only thing you can do with that better gear is repeat the grind faster. For that to work the grind should be done with many very fun and challenging different team missions, not exactly what we have now, IMHO.

I don't speak for the community, and neither would like to. But i've been here long enough to say that most of the people that bought and played the game at the beginning are not here, only a few of those are. I've seen this forum go in flames many times, with "i quit", "i want a refund" and "game's doomed" threads all around and personally i don't want this game to disappear, i want to see it grow and be fun. If you think this is just a rage against Cryptic from someone without the money to get the new items... you are wrong. I get anything i want, i have time & money to do it, no problem there at all.

I just want the game to be fun so i have a reason to log in. Getting better gear is no reason for me if i can't do anything new with that gear, that's the whole point of my previous post. I don't have fun in having the best gear, i have fun in playing the game... if the game is all boring grind then i don't have fun and i quit. I pay to have fun, i get paid for work obligations, and i really believe most people that put real money in the game have a similar way of thinking.

No offense was intended to chinese/asian people in my previous post, but there are significant differences in the MMO game industry if you compare the western and asian markets. Games are different, and the asian model is what i don't like, not the people. Most asian MMOs are pure grind, player skill does not count at all, only daily time logged in... that's what i don't want.

And back to the thread topic... only one comment asking about wep stats and a general lobi question is all there is in this thread about the new lockbox. My previous post has produced more posts than the new lockbox... but hey, Cryptic's fanboys had to do their job. Maybe i was not so wrong. Now, how was that joke about the blackhole...?
I think you are absolutely right.
The problem and reasons you nominated are precisely what made me quit playing neverwinter right after reaching level cap. Total absence of anything worthwhile doing. You just keep repeating the same few dungeons, and so I don't see any real reason why wanting to grind ever better equipment...
I SINCERELY hope they'll change course with STO and fast.

On the topic of this lockbox in particular, I just keep seeing payed stuff that gets your character all the more powerful... Is that really the model of MMO Cryptic wants to pursue? I've always kept their work in high regard, but recently it really got me thinking, isn't this really going toward a crude pay to win scenario??
This haunting vision is taking away all my deep enjoyment of the recent expansions in terms of real content added (--> romulan and kdf campains introduced with LoR). This makes me a bit sad.

But then again, I know they are going to release a new season soon with end game content (feature episodes, teamed events, I hope), so.. we'll see.

(I'm a subscriber by the way)

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