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08-15-2013, 07:16 PM
Originally Posted by sirokk View Post
IMO, although I agree with your general intention but it's a very careful "Balance" that they create with every ship: How powerful a ship is versus the other ships and ship categories (i.e. Fleet, C-Store, Veteran, Lockbox and Tier-ships.) to maximize their income to the game.

If Veteran ships where more powerful than C-Store and Fleet ships, there will be less incentive to get Fleet ships. Veteran ships seem to be a notch down from C-Store ships.

If they have to try to make it more "sparkly" to the player's eye, they'll add a console or inherent ability that does something a little different but is not too powerful to affect the balance with the other ships.

I bet they have a database that they feed the specifications for a new ship into and an application that shows how that new ship rates compared to the other ships. If it accidentally rates as a Lockbox ship when it is supposed to be Fleet ship, they tweak the specs.

Bottom line:They are not going to crazy things that are going to cut into their profits, like making their products compete against each other between Tiers/Types.

(Disclaimer: I have no inside knowledge of Cryptic's practices, tools, etc. This is just a suggestion based on observation on how it's done.)
They are not a notch below C-store ships. The Federation veteran ship has .22 impulse mod (same as a friggn JHAS), 4 tac consoles, decent amount of hull, and a good boff layout. The only 'weakness' is the shield modifier and maybe the turnrate (don't know what the inertia rating is so I can't be sure how problematic that is). I'd say they're somewhere between C-store ships and Fleet ships. Compare the Chimaera to, say, a Guramba, or a MVAE, or a Defiant retrofit. It has the same shield mod but it gains hull, speed, and universal boffstations.

It can be argued that the combat modes aren't all that hot. . .but if you look at it from the standpoint of stats, it's slightly better than the average C-store ship.

Lastly: This ship is icing on the cake. You're getting a 'lifetime' worth of subscription and a bunch of perks every 100 days (accolades, uniforms, free respecs, etc). So, the ship isn't as OP as people would like? Deal with it.
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08-15-2013, 09:16 PM
Have you tried the phaser lotus with the marion doff?
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08-16-2013, 03:30 AM
I like the Veteran ship, although I must be honest and say that my experience is limited to doing a few STF's with it and then discharging. Its a nice ship but I prefer big heavy cruisers

Lets be honest here, people will moan for moaning sake. I'm of the opinion PWE/Cryptic could give us the perfect ship, Good stats, good bridge layout with decent console slots and people would still find something to complain about.

It is human nature. Plus if your british you get a +5 boost on moaning stats cause we are good at that sort of thing

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I'm half and half on this one, as far as the OP is concerned. I myself begot to the 1000 day plateau the hard way. No lifer bit here, not interested now, for sure. I used the Chimera, wasn't bad as a battlecruiser, either as a beam boat, or a cannon boat. I suspect the special console is the '10th' console slot, as it gives two modes, that plus the higher tac potential, makes for why there isn't a 10th console slot.

As for the half part that agrees with the OP, not so much as I want an I win ship, (since the Fleet AC with A2B on it, about does that anyway,) as maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyybe that after waiting so danged long for this ship (I lost out on about two months or so, bloody economy, anywho...) that seeing a 10th console slot option, 'would' have been nice. Course one can win at most aspects in this game, in a 9 console ship, that most VAs use for the most non-paying part, so it's not game breaking here, as it is. Still, that lil bit of veteran... well... 'appreciation', that a 10th console slot would have given, maaaaaaaaaayyybe would have been nice.

It's all a slight gray area of that slight bit of dissatisfaction, that where this post lies. But anywho, I have my FAC to get back to, so I'll leave this post here, as it is.
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08-16-2013, 06:53 AM
All it needs is 10 consoles and a little more hull and shields.

It should be a fleet quality ship, that doesn't mean there won't be more out there that are better than it.
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08-16-2013, 08:18 AM
I love my Chimera, but I found that if you try and treat it like another escort, you'll be disappointed. The Chimera's strength is in her versatility.

That said I'd love a fleet version and be willing to pay for it.

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The Chimera is not an Escort but a Destroyer I'm not 100% what the difference really means but it's meant to be halfway between Cruiser and Escort.

Have you ever considered that this thing is going to end up costing Zen/Fleet Module at one stage? Probably with 10 Console slots.

And you guys with the Lifetime will be the only ones with the console or maybe they'll build it into the Fleet version and give you guys a chance to buy it for only 1 Module.
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08-16-2013, 09:01 AM
Because they are nt really get much money out of it.
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Is it a TERRIBLE ship?'s the same as any other 9 console ship, it'll get you buy but it's not "Strong"

I have 10ish or so 10 console ships, I swap between them for fun to fly something different, it's annoying that this ship which cost so much isn't even equal quality to other 10 console ships.

You can argue whether or not the Different forms are worth a console slot if you want (They aren't) but it's not fair that it's not at least even tilt with every other one I have.

I'm not asking for it to have 12 consoles, I just want it to be on par with the other Fleet Level ships.
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Originally Posted by dknight0001 View Post
The Chimera is not an Escort but a Destroyer I'm not 100% what the difference really means but it's meant to be halfway between Cruiser and Escort.
Destroyers are fast and manueverable yet have greater endurance compared to escort but not that of cruisers. They are hybrids that in real life take the place of two escort ships. That then means the Chimera won't have to be tended to so much by a cruiser or a science vessel compared to the average escort.

That counts for much, because if a friendly cruiser is in need of repairing it self and is just a few hits shy of death or repairing you when you're shy of abandoning ship, then that will count if you have higher hull in a mission if you're in that Chimera compared to a typical escort. Even if it's 4.5 k higher than the Escort Retrofit, never underestimate that extra hull. That's all it ever takes to tip scales in war. You never know, it may save you in a critical mission.

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