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09-01-2013, 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
You don't need to buy expensive doff packs to get good doffs for console fabrication... unless you want it NOW.... :/
I dont want to go around in that gamble scheme, be it Cryptic or be it players jacking up prices to keep players out of it without becoming EC farms.

The DOFF situation is mainly a psychological one, Cryptic efforts on making more "mainline" with the game with adding some Rare/Very Rare DOFFs is not going to change the entire things plays as a Facebook game and even Cryptic wants to make it a Facebook game, its in no way different of that Zynga does, except Zynga actually tries to HIDE what people are getting themselves into as the DOFF system is just something that right of the bat says "welcome to grindland", its doesnt take long for people to realize the system is stacked against them and offers then nothing.

My choice of playing the game is ultimate my choice, I have nobody to blame if I decided to go around sinking money into it besides myself, my decision and ultimate by responsibility but even when I choose to do it doesnt mean I have to like it.

In this case I choose to not play the game because the cards are stacked against me and I dont even want to play it to begin in, they can shove as much Lobi they want or JHAS all they want into those packs because if I wanted to gamble real money *and* have fun I would be visiting a Casino.
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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I still find Doff prices to be way out of whack (10's of million for some) and wish the exchange had a hard cap for items being sold based on said items rarity instead of a open system that allows for way inflated pricing.
I'm not sure a price ceiling would have the effect that you want. It may reduce the availability of expensive items on the Exchange, because people are not willing to sell them at lower prices. The market for these items will simply move from the Exchange to direct player-to-player trades.
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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Pretty much.

In fact this manipulations and Cryptic own mistakes with the system are the cause the system is ignored by a lot of people, its not the fact we dont know we can get purple Mk XII consoles from assignments because we do, its the fact to get any real shoot at it Cryptic literally expects us to drop hundreds of real money on the RNG system (DOFF Packs) just so the chances of the OTHER RNG system (Assigment) goes slightly up ...
I would have assumed that the whole console fabrication piece is now collapsing due to the competition from Embassy / Mine consoles; even a Mk XI Fleet console is, IMO, better than a Mk XII regular one.

Anyway, I find this view of DOffing as a subgame... curious. The major benefit of most DOffs is their special abilities, which is why the really expensive ones are those with potent active roster abilities. But the point is that no "serious" player - those who do ESTFs or PVP - can really afford to ignore DOffs. So this talk of the DOff system being a facebook game seems odd to me...
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09-04-2013, 07:04 AM
Console fab prices are collapsing primarily because the raw materials are being included as a reject prize in the current Bug Madness. This has happened every previous time a doffpack promotion of some kind has occurred, so it is hardly a new behavior.

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