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09-24-2013, 03:36 PM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
You're using Aux2bat to handle tactical cds... on a ship that can run a Cmdr tactical AND LtCmdr tactical... sorry, that still makes no sense whatsoever. If you're talking about CRF or CSV? You just alternate between the two, or run two copies of them.

If you're talking about attack patterns? Same thing. If you're referring to APO which has a much longer CD? Here's what you do: APO3, APB3, APO1, APB2, APO3, APB2... and so on and so forth. You will just have the usual 5 second downtime that you ALWAYS have that not even vaunted Aux2bat can combat.

If you're using it for Engineering cds? Same thing. Just run 2 copies of that ability. For science cds? That's the only place I can see Aux2bat being useful. Sufficed to say, if you put the Ens to engi or have a DCE, you don't need Aux2bat. At all.

So that is merely build choice. But sufficed to say, a NON Aux2bat DHC scimi will be just as effective in combat as an Aux2bat DHC scimi (if not more so, since you aren't relying on cds being reduced by 30%, you're instead going for the 30% triggered shared cds, which gives you an additional 30% uptime in comparison)... and not nearly as squishy (cuz guess what... you got aux heals... O.O).
If you like doubling up on powers that's your prerogative, but you're not getting 30% additional uptime by comparison. Also, an A2B scimitar is very far from squishy, because you can afford to slot more survivability powers - and have access to them on global - whilst still having access to all of the tactical powers you need on global.

Which then makes me wonder, where are you heals coming from with no aux power? How can you heal yourself or your team if you have no aux? Just a thought.
It's not exactly hard to break the A2B cycle to pop off a sci heal @ 100+ aux within a few seconds, and if you really want to you can slot a stack of aux batteries and do a battery/heal combo for maximum effectiveness. That aside with a valdore console, constant EPtS buff uptime - alongside EPtW too since you can run just one copy of each and maintain both buffs 100% or as near as damnit, instead of having to run two copies of EPtS - more regular access to TSS IF you need it, and RSP on global, the only thing you really need HE for is plasma/drain cleansing and a little bit of hull top-up - and you've got that on global without having to double up on it. Still feeling you're a bit lacking on the hull healing side? No problem: equip the assimilated engine/deflector for the autonomous regeneration 2-piece and you've got a regular hull HoT (I don't use it on my Scimitar, because I really don't need it).

Then you've got a host of damage-mitigating singularity powers at your disposal....

As for healing your team, in what content outside of PvP and perhaps NWS is that particularly necessary? Also, anyone who can't handle the vast majority of damage in eSTFs really needs to learn to, because it's really not all that hard.
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09-24-2013, 11:31 PM
I played around with an A2B build last night, and yeah, for alpha striking its a beast. My only problem with it is the extra attention you have to spend on the cool downs. Miss a beat and you loose a lot in efficiency. Not a problem in stfs, no awareness really needed. But in the middle of a mass firefight (SB24), when you're trying to locate and kill negvahs before the other player with a decent build does, it gets very trickey.

And I've got to admit, the aux isn't a problem really, as it generally shoots back up to the mid 60's for me while A2B is in effect. Its just the lack of hull heals that i miss (mainly A2SIF). The extra engine power is also notable, it was the first thing i missed when going back to my previous build.

Normally i judge its efficiency on how quick i can do one side of khit. Typically all 3 times i did it yesterday i had a decent teammate in a bug. 3rd time was most amusing, as we'd finished our side before they popped a single transformer. Anyways, back on track. I'll be giving it another spin today on khit and hopefully the rest of the team will all just go to the left and leave me to do the right on my own, lol.

So yeah, its good, if not better. Just at a cost.

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