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Hey, guys... would you mind making a change to selling our birds at the orinthologist?

specifically, NOT to sell the ones I have in the bank?

The way it is now, I don't have any control over which one of the same type I sell, and if I don't have it in my inventory, I don't want to sell that one.

Since they are character bound, I can't transfer them to an alt to keep them safe either.

I had one a while ago, that had a different color plumage than the other one, both tufted, and I ended up losing the one I wanted to keep.

-- Smoov
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# 2
08-17-2013, 11:35 PM
why does game first sell/use stuff from bank? if i have 5 contraband in my inventory and i want to exchange it for dilithium why game doesnt use from my inventory?
or do we have option to choose what we can use first?
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# 3 Ornithologist Missing NOW!
08-23-2013, 10:06 AM
Sorry I didn't know where else to put this since the event post is closed; so here it is. . .

Hi All thanks for the great summer event and give aways!

I have a relatively large problem, and that is that I have a ton of birds, with no place to get rid of them. . . UG!!!!

I don't understand why the eppohs got put into the game at New Romulus, but the Risian Birds are now just stuck in my inventory! Along with the many Eggs. . . I didn't turn in a lot of birds because I knew that like the eppohs you would put it into the game or at the very least, like the winter eppoh event, make it so we can turn them in at Quarks bar. . . . But that isn't what you folks did. . . Much to my surprise and horror! Because I now have to contend with 40 or more birds and eggs that are hopefully going to still be worth marks in the future, but now I have to find some way to store them for 6 months to 1 year. . .

Ahhh come on people, this can't really possibly effect the game in any negative way since you installed it at Risa in the first place. So to let the egg raising continue until all the eggs are gone, and bird raising to trade for marks continue until they are also gone, Can't possibly be hurting the game right?

So why take out the ornithologist, and not just move her to New Romulus, or Deep Space 9, or Drozana Station? . . . PLEASE!!!!

I need my inventory slots back. . . I thought I could take care of it when the summer event was over like I did the Eppohs, but alas I was in error. . . Again. . . Please put her back in somewhere, . . . Please! with sugar on top?

Well what ever you do, I still want to thank you Cryptic, PWE, and all affiliated folks for the wonderfully fun summer event and the game in general, (it is my favorite).

Thanks Again; Tiger
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# 4 birds in inventory
09-06-2013, 12:22 AM
I too still have birds in my inventory,not as many as others probalby. I couldn't be online after, as real life(deaths in family) kept me too busy to be on. I too went to DS9 to see if you could turn them in ....but you cannot. I too vote for a turn in at DS9 or keeping the ornitholigist at risa.

I hope you choose to do this.
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09-21-2013, 11:10 PM
I'm stuck in the same boat. I really hope they let us trade the birds in like they have done for epoh and other stuff from winter events after they have ended...

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