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Probably been covered already, but I cant see any threads on this on the first few pages, and with the calls for a fleet orion marauder gaining steam I thought it would be a good time to draw attention to it.

The unlock details on the game database and z-store are very outdated in places, to the point of being false advertizing.

In the database at Qo'nos shipyard, it lists the Marauder as being able to summon interceptor reinforcements.

Almost hilariously, the dil store listing for orion interceptors seems confused itself.

To quote: "Dacoit Flight-deck cruiser not owned. You must own any Orion Flight Deck cruiser to purchase Advanced Orion Interceptors".

So which is it? Own the Dacoit, or own ANY orion cruiser?

It would'nt matter too much, but as I'm sure we're all aware marauder force shuttles suck.

The thing is, at advanced and especially elite level the interceptors become awesome. (Tractor beam + drain beam + chroniton torps + hyper impulse = yummy).

Especially since the Marauder can't equip frigates, these are arguablly the best pets any orion cruiser can hope to get. When you consider that all feds hangars have access to danube runabouts, it hardly seems fair that the KDF's sole tractor beam equipped fighter is locked behind a 1,000 zen purchase for a tier 3 they almost certainly won't use.

Come to think of it, how come all levels of runabout get tractor beam, but KDF has to wait until elite level? Needs another look methinks.

Anyway, given the recent marauder giveaway, you know it makes sense to change the unlock and at least give the powers another look. Surely it would help boost sales of the fleet corsair, dil purchases and help generate more goodwill with KDFers.

Thanks so much again for the giveaway though.
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# 2
08-18-2013, 08:27 AM
Needs to specifically be the Dacoit.

Which means the best you can do in terms of hanger armament is To'Duj, Scorpions, Widows, or Slavers.

...Given the current issues with offensive hangers, you might consider Shield Repair shuttles or something, though.
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# 3
08-20-2013, 09:09 PM
You must own the Daciot fir interceptors.

Still if you have the Maurader FDC you can get Armoured Maurading Force Shuttles which are tougher then fighters and can massively cripple enemy ships, but don't do much damage or Elite Slavers which do great damage, but little else.
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# 4
08-20-2013, 10:09 PM
The Dacoit is a great ship especially if you catch it during one of the ship sales events, even buying it to unlock the interceptors. Which was my initial reason for purchasing it long ago. I used it for the next 10 levels and even bought its big brother the Corsair I liked it so much, especially since the Federation has no equivalent of it at those levels. I was a happy camper with the Marauder giveaway since as fun as its smaller sibling are it looked like a snasage and more appealing ships always beckoned for zen purchases.
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# 5
08-22-2013, 08:51 AM
Oh, I knew before I even looked in game that I'd need the Dacoit. I just think that such inaccuracy after so long is a bit on the silly side, and that there are people who might not have read before that you'd need the dacoit.

Its more for them that I'm irritated tbh. Its the principle of the thing.

My main point was that the interceptors are so good, why not unlock them for all owners of an orion ship. Given the feds have easy access to tractor enabled runabouts, I think its only fair.

One other thing: even elite interceptors only get tractor beam 1. Runabouts of a comparable level get tractor beam 3.

@seitei: what are the current issues with offensive hangars? I'm only asking since I'm new to the whole carrier thing (Marauder is my first hangar bearing ship).
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# 6
08-22-2013, 10:51 AM
One's legit, one's a whine, but the one feeds into the other. This is all thanks to the recent change-up of the carrier UI and carrier pets in general.

1.Craft have a hard time keeping up with you whilst out. They willl actually drop off your UI(making you think they're dead/despawned, and if you hit replace, they WILL be, even though the craft is still 'Alive').

2. Docking time is too long(10 seconds), healing time whilst docked is too long(45 seconds from near empty), healing only affects hull not shields. You'll have to heal their shields yourself since base regen is awful.

What's damming is the fact they've put a new Wing Commander officer that halves the time it takes to level fighters up. I'd rather they have not made the officer or lowered his boost, but given a flat drop in the time it takes. At the moment it's 5 minutes of combat to level a pet up to the maximum of 5.

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