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08-20-2013, 08:15 AM
Originally Posted by johankreig View Post
Ok I tried out the free ship the otherday, and while it was ok, I wasnt impressed, its lack of tactical bof slots seems to limit its offensive capablites, so I would like some advice on how I could use this ship.
Just watch this.

Thissler's Turret Marauder Elite STF

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08-20-2013, 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
Just watch this.

Thissler's Turret Marauder Elite STF
So does this setup beat a basic beam boat loadout?
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08-20-2013, 06:47 PM
I have flown one of these for some time. Here's what my setup was:

Chroniton DBB
Mk XII AP Beam Array x2
Omega Torp

Mk XII AP Turret x2
Borg Cutting Beam
Temporal Distortion Device

AP Mag Regulators for the tac slots
Tachyoknetic and Borg assimilated console so you end up with:
3 PC Temporal Warfare
3 Pc Borg set

Advanced Slavers

If you have Eject Warp Plasma (Which I highly Advise) this gives you 2 options to offer speed debuffs between that and the 3pc Temporal power.

Possible options: I only chose AP so the Chriniton DBB would get a buff, but use whatever you like. You could drop the omega to or the cutting beam and go with a chroniton torp instead for additional speed debuff goodness. The temporal 3pc AND the KHG 2-pc set both will give bonuses to those torps.

I had lots of fun flying that Pig Carrier...I will likely go back to it.
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08-20-2013, 08:39 PM
I'd get Elite Slavers and Armoured Maurading Force Shuttles.

Elite Slavers loot, or at there supposed to, but they're also got good fire power with photon torps and Quantum mines.

The Armoured Mauraders are like Boarding Party, but tac team does not end it and it probably has the best non frigate hull for pets. Down side is its weapons suck, its only got distruptor pulse cannons, no projectiles and give its fewer ships means less damage dealt. But its tough and its boarding parties can cripple enemy ships.

To get these Elite Pets you need to be members of a fleet and if said fleet doesn't have t5 science on there starbase, then you can contact nerds of prey over thier channel for an invite to thier base.

Also if you want more offense try 2x Emergency Power to weapons, it not only buffs weapons power, but puts a damage buff to your energy weapons on top of that, and having two means that you can keep at least one up at all times (or most of the time).

I'm mostly used to the Fleet Corsair; which has 1 turn rate faster then the maurader, not major and I can tell you it works fine, if you use RCS consoles at least two.

I don't have it, but if you have the lobi the Heavy Crescent Wave Cannon would be great for a cannon build.
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# 15
08-21-2013, 01:04 AM
Originally Posted by brakkenn View Post
So does this setup beat a basic beam boat loadout?
It's an interesting idea but I can't see beating beams.

Might be better in PvP scenarios (with DEM) and 360 coverage but for PvE, beams I would suggest offer more output (+40dps each weapon), despite the drain. Fairly easy to broadside everything.
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08-21-2013, 06:47 PM
Originally Posted by brakkenn View Post
So does this setup beat a basic beam boat loadout?
Switch the fore weapons to single cannons --same proc rate and higher DPS but with 180 degree firing arc - and should be comparable. Single cannons of anything are very cheap on the Exchange, even special varieties with good mods. Turrets and Beam Arrays are far more expensive right now. I have 3x of the new Elachi Crescent Disruptors Mk XII purples that I got for a few hundred thousand EC total and one MK XII standard I had laying around, paired with old [Borg] Disruptor turrets and the Cutting Beam aft, just to play around on an alt.

With Tactical Initiative and running Tac Team and CSV, it put out OK DPS, particularly when DEM was up. For more consistent DPS output you'd need Conn Officers and Energy Weapons Officers to bring down those two abilities, or run Aux2Bat with Tech DOffs.
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# 17
08-22-2013, 02:24 PM
Like using single cannons, turrets, photon torpedoe, and Plasma Mines works great for pve. I find I don't have a problem lining targets up thanks to two blue RCS consoles. Hit Evasive in pinch.

Right now I'm using an odd mix of distruptor weapons, one Elachi single cannon (yes they're relatively cheap on the exchange), one Elite Fleet Distruptor cannon accx2 dam and the bonus shield damage proc, one Advanced Fleet Distruptor damx2 chtch or whatever, and 1 Photon Torp with 2 accuracy and a damage mod. In the back I'm running a Plasma Mine, 2 advanced fleet turrets and one Elite Turret. All of its disruptors distruptor damage. I see no reason it can't work on a Maurader, although if you have the lobi you might want the disturptor heavy crescent single cannon.

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