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So there I am, grinding out cheap Omega marks on the upper power plant level of Defera, as is oft my wont... when I'm suddenly disconnected.

I say a few choice words, log back in, find myself in Defera orbit (kind of as expected), get back down, get back to the grind. A fleetmate pops in to show off her new Elachi Cannon Pistol, and we are having fun studying that, when... disconnected again.

I say a few more choice words, log back in, and... hello, what's this?

I log back directly into the power plant, and at first sight there seems to be more than one of me. Then, it clicks. This is not some duplication of me, oh no. The crowd of Andorians present is, in fact, my (highly racially diverse) away team! Let loose on Defera for the first time ever!

So I finish off running around the power plant, and my away team comport themselves like truly disciplined Andorian warriors... and my fleetmate is still there with her cannon pistol... and, well, a large number of Borg drones seem to be leaving the Collective today, at the cost of only a little extra collateral damage to the power plant - no, honestly, the scorch marks are barely noticeable, I'm sure they'll buff out with a little polishing, and most of those structural members look redundant anyway....

Ahem. Anyway, I finish the mission, report back (away team still in tow), and... disconnected again.

This time, I have to close the window and restart the game completely... and, even so, it takes many, many tries for the launcher to update itself... and when I'm finally back in, things are normal.

But by jingo it was fun while it lasted.

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