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10-15-2013, 12:29 PM
Hi Authors,

As a reminder, the deadline/publish date for your missions is tomorrow, Wednesday, October 16th at 10am PDT. Please do not publish them until 10am PDT tomorrow, or, as close as you can get to that time (i.e. if you have to work at 7am PDT tomorrow, publish it before you leave for work, or tonight, or whenever Just as late as possible, but by 10am PDT tomorrow.)

Also, please remember that you need to reply to this thread with its information in the format lasted in the OP (this needs to be filled out completely by the due date/ time for your mission to be considered. If I can't find your mission published in-game tomorrow around 10am PDT, I won't be able to add it to the voting thread.).

Thanks, and good luck!


Brandon =/\=
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10-15-2013, 04:28 PM
If all's well, I'll be publishing this just before I go to work tomorrow or right after I come back, but should be only a few hours off 10 your time.

Mission Title: Blood Stained Mirror
Your @Handle: @isthisscience
Faction: KDF
Level Requirement: +31
Mission Summary: History rests on a knife-edge. The smallest breath can push the destinies of empires and lovers down radically different paths. What is your place in it, and what choices will you make?

& Rose Tinted Mirror (Fed 31+)
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10-16-2013, 06:03 AM
Title: Errand Undone
@Handle: mygod_itsfullofstars
Faction: Starfleet
Level: 21+
Summary: A routine patrol mission becomes a journey to a strange new world where nothing seems right and a trip back in time to one of the pivotal moments in Federation History.
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10-16-2013, 09:57 AM
Mission Title: From the Present Q the Past
Your @Handle: @srv2miker
Faction: Federation
Level Requirement: Any
Mission Summary:

While your ship is undergoing some routine maintenance on Earth Spacedock, why not partake in some downtime with your crew? Lt. Leigh Reginald, an avid fan of early 23rd century history, has invited you to a holo-simulation she thinks you'll enjoy. But, the enjoyment won't last for long - the Q will see to that!

This exciting mission, which starts just outside the transporter room on Earth Spacedock, takes place in a past alternate reality. Discover what might've happened if Johnathan Archer's encounters with the Klingons had ended differently, and fight to put history's timeline back on its proper course.
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10-16-2013, 02:01 PM
Thank you to everyone who submitted their missions for Foundry Challenge #8! From today until Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 at 10AM PDT, voting will be open. Please see this thread for voting information.

Also, unfortunately, I've had to remove any posts in this thread where the mission listed could not be found in-game at this time. Sorry

Good luck!


Brandon =/\=
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11-06-2013, 02:27 PM
We have a winner! Check out this post for details:

Congratulations to all! Everyone did a FANTASTIC job! You're all winners in my book.

I am going to unstick this, but feel fee to keep discussing this challenge here! Challenge #9 will be posted in the not too distant future.


Brandon =/\=
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