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# 1 Release Notes: August 15, 2013
08-14-2013, 06:38 PM

  • Loot window updated:
    • The position of the 'Take All' button no longer overlaps with the single 'Take' button.
  • Transwarp UI will not truncate names for non-English language clients.
  • Minor costume updates to a few Reman NPCs.
  • Missions that rewarded 10 diplomacy commendation points (such as the noncombat missions "Ancestral Sin" and "Standoff", or ground star cluster diplomacy exploration missions) now award 100 diplomacy commendation points instead.
  • All Themed Consumables (Tachyon Grenade, Radiation Resist Hypo, etc.) have had their Lobi Crystal prices reduced from 5 to 2 each.
  • Bundle packs of Themed Consumables are now available on the Lobi Crystal Store. They cost 20 Lobi and have 15 charges included.
    • This is a discount of 33% over buying them individually.
  • Risian Lohlunat Pearl Bundle and Lohlunat Favor Bundle now indicate that they will only be available for a Limited Time (8/31/2013).
  • Added FX for the Inspirational Leader trait.
  • Updated the display name of two mission reward Personal Shield Mk II items formerly displayed incorrectly as Mk III.
  • Fixed assorted issues with Dosi Rotgut and Ferasan Chag Grass stacking and critical buff duration.
  • Resolved an issue preventing the ability to take a single item when looting multiple items.
    • It should now be possible to double-click an item to take that item, or to select an item and click the take button.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing characters from using the Nukara, Romulan and Fleet Mark tribbles at the expected level.
  • The Nukara Tribble will now use the correct icon when on cooldown for granting Marks.
  • Gateway should now live update your character regardless of where your character is actually located in the game.
  • The backend of the mail system has been updated.
  • Assorted stability and performance updates.


  • The Precise Trait should now work correctly in all space maps.
  • Gravimetric Duty Officers' descriptions have been updated to correctly reflect that they generate Tyken's Rift aftershocks, not Gravity Well aftershocks.
    • This is a text update only.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing High Yield versions of Temporal Disruption Devices and Tricobalt Devices from triggering their special Rifts upon detonation.
  • Resolved an issue where self-targeting space powers did not work as expected in certain circumstances.
  • Powers that use charges, such as the Omega Torpedo, will once again decrement upon use.


  • Fixes to the Vulcan D'Kyr ship separation and docking animations have been made.
  • Reduced the cooldown on launching the D'kyr's Tal'kyr Support Craft to 90 seconds.


  • Romulan Formal Pants no longer appear under the skirt option.
  • The Honor Guard costume no longer has a gap in the abdomen for Orion Females.
  • The bottom of the TNG split bottom pants have been smoothed out.
  • TOS Romulan Uniform color palettes have been updated.
    • While the top does not have the same palette, more colors may now be matched.


  • When creating a new project, the allegiance selector will no longer list allegiances that are not supported.

Hangar Pet Feature:

  • Removed duplicate set of Carrier Command options found in players' powers window in space.
    • These powers were not responding correctly to user input, or cooperating with the Wing-Specific commands introduced with the Hangar UI.
    • This update will remove these icons from any player's Hotbars who had them slotted.
    • They can be replaced by dragging the icons from your Weapons Tray onto your Hotbar.
  • Once a hangar pet has decided to Dock with its owner, it will now only remain undocked for a set period of time instead of waiting until it is within range of the owner.
    • This allows players to more quickly make use of the increased Regeneration, without having to wait as long for their pets to return.
  • Bird of Prey hangar pets will no longer briefly display too many HP indicators in the Hangar UI when summoned.
  • Fixed a bug with Tachyon Drones that caused them to display the wrong UI layout in the Hangar UI.

Fleet Leader Adjustments:

  • If there is a Single Leader of a Fleet, and that Leader has not logged in for 30 days, that Leader is considered Inactive.
  • If a Single Leader is inactive, a new Leader is automatically promoted:
    • The Member being promoted must be online to become new Leader.
    • The new Leader gets a pop up telling them they just became the new Leader.
    • The new Leader is not Provisional - they are full Leaders with full Kick/Rescue privileges. They can initiate a Kick if they wish following Ruleset 2 below.
  • Any "non-flagged" or "non-provisional" Leader can initiate a "Kick" on another active Leader.
    • A 'Kick' lasts 2 weeks.
    • If you are flagged as "Kicked", you cannot use any Fleet Powers.
    • Any "non-flagged" or "non-provisional" Leader can remove a Kick. We call this a "Rescue".
    • Only one Kick can be in progress at a time.
    • No members can be promoted during a Kick.
  • Provisional Leaders:
    • New Leaders are considered Provisional for 2 weeks after they are promoted to Leader.
    • Provisional Leaders have all Leader Powers except Kick or Rescue.
    • Provisional Leaders can be kicked instantly by any "non-flagged" or "non-provisional" Leader.
    • The Fleet Creator is not considered Provisional when the Fleet is first formed. He or she is a full Leader with full Kick/Rescue privileges.

Known Issues:

  • The costume preset flickers when switching genders on the Uniform page.
  • There is no messaging that explains why you cannot promote members while a Leader Kick is in progress.
  • Entering a Formal Name during character creation does not take the name into the game properly.
  • Occasionally there will be a "Login2_Timeout" message when it takes too long to load from character select to in game.
  • Tropical Birds don't follow you on interior maps.
  • If you try to send an in-game email to a player who has not logged in and patched up to the most recent version of the game, you will receive a "This user's mail is full" notification.

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