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05-23-2014, 08:27 AM
perhaps you have considered aligning a romulan with the kdf.
maybe your fleets kdf base isnt shown the love its fed-side is...

for only the second time since our formation, House of Beautiful is openly recruiting.
we are one of few fully t5 kdf fleets, with all holdings complete.
we arent a lesser counterpart to a fed fleet. we are not farming alts, we are kdf mains.

as the starbase is complete, we are recruiting fresh members primarily for social and teaming reasons. we would also like to have more members on board that share the 'free t5 access for all' philosophy and are keen to share the fleet stores with others on NoP Public Service.

we dont have many rules, expectations, or prerequisites. some things to note:
  • members may be be any race or gender, romulan included.
  • store access is unlocked by posting 75,000 fleet credit on the leaderboard.
  • promotions and fleet credit calculations are made per-toon, not account wide.
  • store access is not revoked, limited, policed, etc. we keep the store well provisioned.
  • members are not required to cease membership in other fleets, fed or kdf.
  • while teamspeak is available, use of teamspeak, ventrillo, etc is not required.
  • fleet forum registration/participation is not required.

i will keep this post updated as necessary.
feel free to send me a PM here.
free jkname
HouseOfBeautiful.org | /channel_join House of Beautiful
free t5 access for all!! | /channel_join NoP Public Service

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