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# 1 23rd TuQ Marauders
08-22-2013, 09:14 AM
The 23rd TuQ is Recruiting!

We just had a huge house cleaning from 30+ members to just 10. The final 10 are the only one's left that actually contributed and logged regularly.

What I am looking for are casual players who will contribute, there by, making them eligible to reap the benefits of improving the fleet. I need members, not leeches.

- What I want: Contributing members with commitment to the Fleet. Honest members who won't strip the bank clean when access is given. Respectful members so I don't get private messages from other players about what a $#^$ my fleet member is being.

- What I will give: Promotions to access the fleet resources that the members have created. Assistance to any fleet member in regards to advancing their characters.

You may also apply for membership at our new website: http://23rdTuQ.enjin.com

Current stats as of 8.22.13: Shipyard Tier 2, Mine and Embassy Tier 1

-Promotions upon Time in Service and Resources Given:
-Bekk to Sous-Lt: one week and 15k Fleet marks total, Log in once every two weeks
-Sous-Lt to Lt: three weeks and 30k Fleet marks total, Log in once every four weeks
-Lt to Capt: 6 weeks and 65k Fleet marks, log in once every five weeks
-Capt to Maj.: 12 weeks or 95k Fleet marks, log in once every 3 months
-Maj. to Lt Col.: 25 weeks or 165k Fleet marks total, no log in requirement(This is the first trusted position)
-Lt.Col to Col.: 52 weeks, or STO Life Member, 275k Fleet marks total

All Fleet mark requirements are accumulative. The log in requirement shows that you are an active player.

-Come makes the 23rd TuQ Marauders your fleet! One you can be proud of. Tons of potential so make the 23rd TuQ your home! PM me:Roh'nok@littleduke5 for a request to join.

I thank you for your time and look forward to meeting all of you.

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