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This week we lose the ability to make Romulan missions, Neverwinter gets Foundry updates announced, and Havraha guest stars to bring us tips on character development in Foundry missions.
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08-26-2013, 07:51 PM
Re: Making Romulan missions

In the meantime, we can always make "Romulan" missions that are officially designated for Starfleet or KDF (as I have done), and will only be visible to Romulans allied with the chosen faction. Just be sure to make clear in the mission description that it's really meant for Romulans and not whichever allied faction you designate.

Re: Neverwinter Foundry features

The one I want most is campaign support; i.e. the ability to chain missions together into multi-part campaigns.

Re: BOffs as captain's mouthpiece

That, too, is fraught with some peril, as you have no way of knowing who a player's BOffs are either. You touched on this in relation to KDF BOffs, but on the Fed side, Vulcans don't talk the same way most other Fed races do. (Otherwise, you could get away with writing for pretty much all other Fed races as though they were human.) As for the Romulan Republic, Remans also have their own style of speech - they tend to be a bit less wordy and more to-the-point than Romulans.

Re: Helna

I'm sure she'll be an intriguing character for years to come, at least as long as she doesn't go all Miley on us.
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08-27-2013, 01:33 AM
Kind of wondering if Romulan option in the Foundry is necessary due to the allied system?

Because wouldn't cause problems if your KDF-allied Romulan had to fight KDF in a mission or the Federation with a Federation-allied Romulan?

The Score Sheet, got to thank you for sending me a copy the other day.

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