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Are you dedicated to the game and your fleet but feel you arn't receiving the same in return?

Do you like meeting new people while actively contributing to your fleet?

Are you tired of logging in to an inactive fleet?

ELITE FORCES group of fleets has the solution to all of these problems!!
Join the leading STO Command team and one of the largest Veteran fleets in the game!

We have a fully professional and dedicated Command team working hard to keep our fleet active and our players engaged. Our Command team works together to offer our players MORE than the game ever could. Command positions do come with responsibilities after receiving professional level training for the specific position. Our officers are experts in their fields and we have become a small family as we work together to better our fleet. This is why ELITE FORCES has been active and thriving since SEASON ONE!

We are currently accepting applications for FLEET AMBASSADORS in our Marketing & Recruiting Division... these are OFFICER LEVEL fleet positions focused on promoting fleet awareness and generating new members. The training program will walk you through ADVANCED RECRUITING techniques and all of the information necessary to set new members up for success!

If you have experience with in-game recruiting and are willing to learn our recruiting process, please apply today!

More information at:

Please fill out a general application and state that you are interested in the Fleet Ambassador / Recruiting position to apply.

Thank you for considering the Elite Forces group of fleets!


Director of Marketing

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