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Imperial Legion is the KDF side of Kodiak Legion. We started on Imperial Legion's starbase in mid March 2013 and in the last 5 months have built it up to a full T4 starbase, and will be starting the T5 engineer upgrade in about 3 weeks. We also have a completed embassy and nearly completed mine.

We are a friendly casual fleet, not big on rules and regulations, just be polite and helpful to your fellow fleet members and you won't have any problems. We accept players of all ranks. All fleet ranks are based on contributions to the starbase, with the first promotion at 10,000 FC earned. We have about 200 members, with 5-10 people online on the kdf side usually, and more available on our cross faction chat channel.

More information on our fleet can be found at

If you would like an invite or more information mail @john98837 in game.

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