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where to get that datachip ? didnt find someone similiar to com. viala from fed on new romulus.
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08-30-2013, 08:23 PM
You have to talk to the New Romulus Historian on New Romulus. She will give you a doff mission where you trade 4 of the New Romulus Research logs for a data chip and some Romulan marks. Takes about a day to do.

If you crit the mission you get additional marks but no additional chips.
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Incase you are wondering the historian is by the shuttle next to a building.
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Originally Posted by czertik123 View Post
where to get that datachip ? didnt find someone similiar to com. viala from fed on new romulus.
As said above, to get the New Romulus Datachips, you need to go to the Historian (by the Shuttle) and turn in 4 Romulus Research. (Use Romulan DOFFs, especially the Gravitational DOFFs you get from Colony Chain, because they give the best results).

And to get Romulus Research, you can get it by doing the New Romulus Red Alerts (getting first gets you 10 Research), or you can get them from consoles in the New Romulus Missions (The ones you unlock with Romulan Reputation).

You don't have to complete the mission, just run in and find the consoles. You can get 3-4 per mission instance.
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