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As the previous thread had gone over 30 days without a response, this thread will continue suggestions for the development team to improve the mail system.

We had 55 messages in the previous discussion, and they included the following ideas:

Originally Posted by PhyrexianHero
The Mail system feels very limited. A few things I've noticed that could be improved:
  • I cannot use a search query on my mails (only sort by Date, From, Subject)
  • No sent box, only inbox.
  • Attachments are not visible unless at a mail console. This is rather dangerous as it leads some people to delete mails with valuable items.
  • Cannot sort by attachments.
  • Attachments are limited to 5 slots.
  • Address book of friends or fleetmates.
  • No noticeable way to send mails to more than one player (tried separating handles by both commas, and semicolons) or to a subsection of the fleet (say, only the officers, or ranks X,Y, and Z).
  • Unknown how many emails are in our box (we can only view maximum of 300)
  • It was once possible to at least read our in-game mail on the forums. Perhaps adding this functionality to Gateway could work now that the forums are using the same code across all PWE games?
The Exchange has gotten some attention lately and I'm hoping that some time can be made to improve the Mail system since a lot of players use it daily.

A friend of mine who plays daily has been getting mailed incessantly in STO in a malicious fashion -- approximately a thousand mails from 50 different accounts so far, that takes him a long time to delete one at a time.

While reporting as spam can prevent additional mails from an account, perhaps an option to only allow certain people to mail you would be best (i.e. a whitelist option that includes people from your fleet or friends list) would be one way to resolve these dilemmas.

Another wishlist item I'd like to see is to be able to search mails by keyword. I may not remember who sent it and an alphabetical sorting by subject is very limited.

Another item for the list: when we get new mail it's marked as unread, but it's not possible for us to do anything to make it stand out once we read it: can't mark it back as unread, can't star it, etc.

Something else that would be really useful is some kind of protection against deleting mail with items attached (an extra dialog box would be sufficient), as well as some way to more easily attach items -- instead of dragging it to a small box on the screen, perhaps a way to drag and drop to a larger 'pool'?
Originally Posted by hawks3052
I would appreciate the function to select and delete more than one mail at a time.
Originally Posted by blevok
searching, sorting by attachments, and a sent box are desperately needed. address book, folders, and multiple recipients would be nice, as well as copy and paste.
Originally Posted by Azurianstar
1) The Mail Pop-up message "You have to be at a mailbox" to go away and have it replaced with Red Text at the bottom of mail that has attachments.

2) An Attachment Icon being added?

3) Be able to see the Information window when hovering over attached items. (Which is handy for DOFFs).

4) An Unsend Function. If you mistyped a person's account, that mail is gone. So be nice you could bring it back, especially if it has an attachment.

5) An Error message if an account in STO does not exist.
Originally Posted by nicha0
I would think that maybe the exchange should have its own tab, its not always nice to have a spam of dozens of mails from the exchange hiding important ones.
Originally Posted by josephdridgeway
As a fleet leader, one option I would like to see is a BCC or CC option. Failing that, I would like to be able to send fleet mails to only certain fleet ranks, ie send a mail to JUST the fleet officers.
Originally Posted by artanisen
1. wish i had a favorites folder
2. wish i had a delete all button
3. wish there was a another tab for fleet mail and exchange mail.
4. wish i had a mail box on my bridge.
5. wish there was forwarding mailing Option
6. and wish there was option to Color code certain mail that had items in them.

But mainly really want a mail box on my bridge with a favorites folder so i can
move some mail on the side i dont want to accidentally delete important mail.

and for fun have patch notes / news letter sent by ingame mail, just a thought because of a lot of
people lazy and never go to the web site to look up the notice/news on the sto web page.
so it would be cool to send patch notes and news letter ingame mail.
Originally Posted by gfreeman98
We used to have a game mail interface here on the website, and it was much easier to manage than the in-game interface:

Every message had a tickbox so it was easy to go down the list and select whole blocks of messages to delete en masse.
Originally Posted by frtoaster
Some simple improvements:

1. When you access mail at a mail terminal, there an extra dialogue window that you need to click through before accessing the mail window. The dialogue window should be removed.

2. The "Interacting" progress bars should be removed when accessing mail, bank, and exchange terminals. The extra delay serves no purpose.
Originally Posted by sunsheal
But us fleet leaders really need a sort of "forward" feature for mails... for new people that join... or resending the mail now that people are capping out mailbox space... :/
What ideas do you have? Which of these would you want the devs to prioritize for Season 8?
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Since I missed the original posting of this thread, I am glad you started it again. I agree with everything that you quoted above, especially the forwarding and bcc/cc options. What I would like to see change would be the limit to one fleet mail per 24 hrs. Frankly, I think its stupid and it quite inconvenient for fleet leaders. Our fleet admirals holding regular meetings and use the fleet mail to send out news regarding the meetings. Since the mail is limited in number of characters, being able to send out multiple mails in a day would be helpful.

If the devs are worried about people spamming the fleet mail then they should put that responsibility on the fleet leaders. Allow them the options of setting fleet mail limits on the fleet ranks, like we have for the bank slots. I know we have the ability to remove the permission for certain ranks to use fleet mail but that's not exactly fair. New members use it to ask questions and restricting the entire fleet to only one fleet mail each day was an incorrect choice, in my fleet's opinion.
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10-22-2013, 10:18 PM
how about fixing the mail .i cant even get my items back after exchange expires. and i cant delete

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