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We are a small, laid back fleet, that has a small but fairly dedicated group of players who like to get together, collect high-end, end-game gear and most importantly, blow stuff up.

If you're reading this, odds are you're looking for a fleet to join. Great! Check us out, see what you think.

But even if you are happy with your fleet, we still welcome players outside our fleet to run with us and fill in the gaps, because, we all know what queuing by yourself for PUGs can be like sometimes. We use a global ingame channel for coordination in this, as well as we use Vent and/or skype if applicable. But not necessarily required. Encouraged.

See us in action:

Like us on Facebook or Follow on Twitter for more.

Matthew@Matthew486DX -> Eng Lvl 60
FAW/Tank: Tactical Oddyessy T5-U, Tank/Heal Science Oddyessy T5-U, DPS Cruiser: A2B Battlecruiser T5-U, DPS/Debuff Tholian Recluse T5-U
Fleet Admiral: Angry Tribbles

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