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A question to the Art/Ship Team.

Im was thinking about the Mirror Assault Cruiser (this one: LINK, to avoid any confusion).
I love the Star Cruiser ship model since i started playing STO three and a half years ago and i actually think it is the best ship design cryptic has made in STO.
I have both ships, the Mirror Assault Cruiser and the Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit.

Now my question:
Is it technically possible to get a switch button at the ship tailor if someone posseses both ships, so one can switch to a Star Cruiser Costume when using a Fleet Assault Crusier Refit?

I would absolutely L O V E continuing using the Star Cruiser appearance and using the Fleet Assault Cruiser BOFF/Console Layout at the same time. I think since the release of the "mirror" ships, the problem of confusing both ships has shown to be non existent.

The same button could be used at other Fleet ships where a "Mirror" T5 version is availlable.
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