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This is my Bort build which I'm posting for input on increasing it's dps and/or it's tankability.
Any input is appreciated!!

updated 09/13/2013

>>>>>>>Added info<<<<<<<
For those that have replied already, I thank you!.
And I'll try and be more helpful by being more clear about what I'm trying to do.

.........I'd like to build a max DPS Bort for ESTF's and PVE missions for fleet marks. My goal is to be able to mow through the ESTF's and fleet mark missions more quickly instead of grinding away at cubes and transformers. I've seen it done, I just can't seem to make it happen on my own.
.........I'm thinking the tactical cruiser with the auto cannon and the plasma disr hybrid dual heavy cannons as a base for this ship.

.........I'd like to build a tank BORT for PVP. I used to enjoy Kerrat and the PVP space missions at the lower ranks, things seemed more balanced. But regardless of how much I put into weapons I can't kill anything in PVP anymore. So I'm assuming that I need to build my ship so that it can survive long enough to wear the other guy down and hope I'm not out numbered.
.........I'm thinking either the command cruiser or the War cruiser for this one. Recommendations on which one to use would be appreciated. And then prob a 6 beam boat with the cutting beam and one alt weapon, (maybe mines?)

..........The ability to destroy an enemy quickly in PVP would be nice, but PVP seems to be more about who has the most ships at any given moment and team coordination (or lack there of) than anything else.

>>>>>>> Added STO planner link <<<<<<<
updated 09/06/2013

This is the command carrier that I am working on turning into a beam tank.

I am working on getting the zero point and Nukara particle consoles. As well as fleet eng & Sci consoles.

I have used the Current boff set in ESTF's on a bort with cannons. It tanks well there.

I haven't had an opportunity to try the beam version of it in PVP except Kerrat where I was outnumbered 5 to 1. So I have no idea how it will do in a capture & hold or arena.

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09-03-2013, 06:45 PM
Can you put your info here? I'll gladly overhaul for tank, dps, dps/tank if you fill it out on a skill planner

Chive on and prosper, eh?

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09-03-2013, 06:46 PM
I wanted something that would do damage or provide crowd control. But I didn't see anything like that in the engy powers.
Eject Warp Plasma, very nice at doing CC and decent at damage as well. You'll probably want to have Deutirium Surplus and Engine batts on hand to make good use of it since it comes out as a trail aft.

The deflector, eng, & shield are klingon honor guard mk XI. (from prior to the repuation scheme)
Switch out the Deflector for a Mk XII Positron with [SIF] and [ShdS] and your tank will go up a bit. The KHG deflector only has a small hull boost and no shield boost, so it's not very tanky, whereas Positron is pure tank. Elite Fleet Shields are the new order of business for PvP and very nice for PvE.

I have the omega cutting beam and torpedo. (to go with the assimilated console)
But the omega torpedo sucks pretty bad so I usually put it on the rear for the bonus rather than give up the DPS up front.
Keep the Kinetic Cutting Beam aft and don't bother mounting the torp then, the two-piece bonus of that set is pretty decent at boosting DPS on it's own with a proc that gives +10 weapon power as well as dropping the amount of power energy weapons drain.

As for weapons loadout, personally I'd consider using single cannons or Dual-beam banks fore for their wider than DHC arcs, but higher DPS than beam arrays and then turrets aft.

I didn't see a warp core listed, I'd recommend a Hyper [W->E] to improve your mobility in that beast.
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09-03-2013, 06:55 PM
One thing, using http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skillplanner/ will make your build a lot easier for people to glance at and give feedback. I can't speak for others but I've gotten to the point where its a lot easier to glance at a ship diagram than going through a lot of text. Its also a great tool for planning ahead on rebuilds and respecs and for other people showing you their ideas.

The two main things I see that are probably the biggest contribution to your frustrations are your weapons and BOFF powers. Weapons, a lot of people don't like Tetryon and will tell you to grab Plasma or Disruptor, but it won't make a huge difference till youre trying to squeeze out the absolute top-end stuff, and since you already have Tet consoles may as well stick with them (plus Tet consoles are dirt cheap, so theres that). However, the use of dual cannons is a really bad choice. First, dual cannons in general are just badly-implemented weapons, and dual-heavies are in practice superior in every way. Second, that limited firing arc is tough to use with a ship as sluggish as the Bortasqu whenever your target starts maneuvering (as I'm sure you well know). It CAN work in STFs against stationary targets, and some people can do very well with it, but its not easy. A much simpler approach used in slow cruisers is 6 beam arrays, a kinetic cutting beam, and then either a DBB, torpedo, or 7th beam array on the bow. It doesn't have quite the same direct punch as cannons, but with the right power setup, it can be just as destructive.

The second thing is that your boff layout is, but be blunt, all over the place. Aceton Field is kind of a neat power in theory, but in practice there are much better choices available. Tractor Beam Repulsors can be cool but you need your limited science slots elsewhere. And you're missing the two most important survival powers in the game, Tactical Team 1 (TT) and Emergency Power To Shields (EPTS). TT helps by instantly redistributing your shields and getting rid of tac debuffs and boarding parties. Don't leave stardock without it. EPTS is a nice shield heal, but more important is what it does to your shield resistances, to the point where a cruiser with EPTS2 or 3 can simply float there as a gate unloads on it, and the cruiser responds with 'really, thats all you've got?' With the right setup, you can have these two powers on all the time and simply absorb ridiculous amounts of punishment.

Using always-on TT has a price however, which is that you can't use Engineering Team or Science Team, as they all share a global cooldown. TT is just too good to pass up however, and there are good alternatives to ET and ST.

Another boff trick thats become EXTREMELY popular lately is Auxiliary To Battery for cutting cooldowns in half. You'll probably want to switch to it eventually, once you've finished colonizing the B'tran Cluster for the free Technician doffs there (they're expensive otherwise), but for now lets get something more solid in place, with room to modify later.

Bortasqu Command Cruiser

Power Levels: 100/40/20/40

Cmdr Eng
Emergency To Weapons 1 (to offset all the weapons drain)
Reverse Shield Polarity 1 (an emergency Uh Oh button)
Emergency To Shields 3 (they can try to hurt you)
Auxiliary To Structural 3 (bought off very rare boffs, weaker heal than ET but only a 15 second cooldown so you can spam it constantly)
Lt Cmdr Tac
Tactical Team 1
Fire At Will 2
Attack Pattern Beta 2 or Omega 1 (beta for extra damage, omega for extra defense and speed and escaping from tractor beams)
Lt Tac
Tactical Team 1
Torpedo Spread 2 or High Yield 2 (your choice)
Lt Sci
Hazard Emitters 1 (good hull heal and putting out plasma fires)
Transfer Shield Strength 2 (Shield heal and boosts resistances)
Ensign Sci
Tractor Beam 1

Duty Officers
3 Blue Damage Control Engineers (cut down the recharge times of your Emergency Power To X abilities to Always On level, and 3 blues are cheap enough pick up and sufficient to work 90% of the time)

Weapons Fore
3 Beam Arrays, Quantum/Omega/Romulan Torpedo
Weapons Aft
3 Beam Arrays, Kinetic Cutting Beam

Deflector/Engine/Shield: Your current Honor Guard set

Eng Consoles
Assimilated Module, Zero-Point Module (eventually), 2 Neutronium (or 1 Neutronium and Plasmonic Leech if you have it)
Sci Consoles
Emitter Array (boost shield heals and get a Fleet version eventually), Field Generator
Tac Consoles
4 Energy Type

There are fancier tricks you can do with rep and fleet gear and ultra rare doffs and the like, but this is something that you can throw together cheaply in half an hour and is very easy to use. And of course its just one person's opinion, but you can do most of this game with cheap and simple.
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09-03-2013, 07:36 PM
Okay, if you want the Tactical Bortasqu as a cannon ship:

Swap over to four disruptor DHCs up front(5-tac ships do better without torpedos). Two turrets, a mine launcher(Plasma is nice for the continual, shield-ignoring, damage), and cutting beam in aft. Having mines will offer you 'some' point defense and are a good way to punish ships that get too close/try to stay behind you.

All five tactical consoles should be disruptor coils(you're defeating the point of a 5-tac ship if they're not all being used for damage mods). Put the Assimilated console and Subspace Jumper from the 1500 zen BoP(if you have it) in engineering along with a pair of RCS. Fill the Science slot with the Autocannon or a Field Generator if you're really allergic to the former(The auto-cannon is excellent for alpha-strikes, even with the cooldown). The Bortas has a ton of hull that really counteracts the need of running resistance plating - assuming you're using it as a massive attack ship instead of a broadsiding tank(having Aux2SIF is advisable for patching up and protecting the ship though).
Lt. Commander
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09-03-2013, 09:00 PM
Thanks for all of the info. I really do appreciate the input. I used the skill planner before but I don't know how to save it so that others can see it.

I haven't earned the Romulan torpedo yet. The others generally seem to suck. I do have a tricobalt one and the bio one. Or would you suggest something else up front as a second choice to torps?

I'll work on getting my profile posted so that peeps can see it.
I'm also working on getting the aux2batt officers, but I only got a blue one on my first try and that took a while.

I'm also in a fleet so I'll have access to Elite fleet weapons at some point.

I have all three borts (I bought the set) and I have several full sets of weapons, including a full set of antiproton DHC's mk XI with matching turrets. They have the borg proc's. So I can build a Cannon boat out of one of them.

The only reason I don't have the 5th tac console (or higher mark consoles) was a lack of currency and I felt the need to round the boat out more cause it died so easily.
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09-03-2013, 09:12 PM
I thought about the eject plasma but since I mostly use the Bort as a gun platform I was looking for an eng power that I could use on a forward target. If I can build a beam boat Warp plasma would be more useful.

The reason I was running DC's instead of DHC's was because I thought that the higher firing rate would increase my chances of the proc hitting. And the power penalty for firing them at the same time is lower.

Was that the wrong call? I do have two sets of DHC's that I can run, but their tac consoles are lower marks.
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09-03-2013, 09:48 PM

3 damage control doffs
Marion doff
Warp core doff

Broadside strategy with all systems at 125, no dipping

Non aux2bat build but I think you'll be happy about it

Ignore the skill page, it doesn't have the proper restrictions to be viable
Chive on and prosper, eh?

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09-03-2013, 09:50 PM
Originally Posted by tggrinc View Post
I thought about the eject plasma but since I mostly use the Bort as a gun platform I was looking for an eng power that I could use on a forward target. If I can build a beam boat Warp plasma would be more useful.

The reason I was running DC's instead of DHC's was because I thought that the higher firing rate would increase my chances of the proc hitting. And the power penalty for firing them at the same time is lower.

Was that the wrong call? I do have two sets of DHC's that I can run, but their tac consoles are lower marks.
Proc is based on per firing cycle (as far as I know) so same either way. The tradeoff is that DHCs, because the actual time of their cycle is shorter, end up being more power efficient and giving you slightly more total damage. Its counterintuitive, but anyone I know who's tested it themselves has come to the same conclusion. DCs are for style, DHCs are for everything else.
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09-03-2013, 09:56 PM
Dcs shoot twice but proc once...the drain ends costing twice as much and thusly, more then dhcs
Chive on and prosper, eh?

My PvE/PvP hybrid skill tree

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