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# 1 New Pack Idea - OST Bundle
09-05-2013, 11:53 AM
The Soundtrack to this game (At Times) Is simply fantastic. (I'm looking at you New Romulus!)

The best i can do it listen to them on youtube, Which is great if i'm at home and have a stable internet connection, And Useless for car journeys an the like.

Cryptic (And/Or Whoever composes the soundtrack) Should consider selling it! I'd definitely buy it, And i'm sure many other would too!

It should be available in the C-store and come with ingame stuff too, Like the Steam runner or LoR packs.

Here is my idea :

Star Trek Online - Official Soundtrack Bundle - 1500 Zen

*Code for the Soundtrack (Allowing for unlimited downloads on that account)

*A Title - (Dunno what yet - Suggestions?)

*Random assortment of 5 blue/purple Doffs with musically themed names

*A Space Device that's similar to the fireworks, but launches out some musical notes along with a fanfare?

*A Ground Device that's similar to this years anniversary launcher, But fires various colored balloons in the shapes of Musical notes.

That's all i can think of, Suggestions?
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