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Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
Nice find, we'll fix this soon!
We should get a long chair and several hundreds of books then? I mean you're the developer and you cant even keep track of your own changes? What kind of QA employee do you have working there? The holographic QA kind?
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Originally Posted by milandare View Post
The devs have not indicated the magnitude of any changes. We can raise possible red flags, but for all we know so far things could turn out fine! Nobody is "nerfing" the tooltip-listed damage as that damage was not happening. Dev advice so far suggests damage will increase.

Also, as Tac captains in Sci ships will have captain powers to do more damage than a Sci, that's what Tac captains are all about. Science captains manipulate (targeting subsystems and 'subnuking'). So dam[GW3 Tac Capt] > dam[GW3 Sci Capt], all skills and ship being equal. [Is this fair? -> Wrong thread.]

If dam[GW1 Tac Capt / Tac Ship] compares with dam[GW3 Sci Capt / Sci Ship] then delete GW2 and GW3 as pointless. On the other hand, if GW3 remains relevant then the Tac Capt can still do superior damage using GW3 in a well-built Sci ship.
Yes they have its on page 4.

Don't kid yourself this is a damage NERF(;P) for high Aux characters, we'll see about 100-300 damage reduction compared to what the previous GW SHOULD have been doing (so it will do about 300(!) more than now)

Is it the end of the world? I guess not, GW3 will still be the best exotic damage source you can slot well ahead of the next best being FBP and the increase in the Wells size will make using it alot easier.

I've always run medium to high Aux on my Sci regardless of the ship I was flying, but I was reviewing my Varanus yesterday thinking of what I could do to increase its effectiveness in both PVP and PVE and I struggled to find a T4 sci power that I felt was worth slotting for either.
We do have abilities that are completely worthless like CPB (that also has craptastic DOFF option - 20% horrible)
To abilities mostly worthless ES (hello PLeech, good bye ES), TR (bugged to death), PSW (such horrible damage and why does its aftershock DOFF effect have a repel on it)
To abilities we all struggle to see any value in PO(gimped compared to Aux2Bat, needs a serious review)

This fix is not the death of GW its going to be better than what we have now and if you ran a metre on your damage, this is to all those Sci Sci's in here, I think you'll see that those exotic damage abilities are only a minor portion of your total DPS.

Oh yes last thing to mention, is the aftershock DOFF for GW meant to only make GW1's or is it meant to scale with the version you run? Would be better I think if actually made GW3 aftershocks if your running GW3 :p
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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We also reduced the multiplier given by Particle Generators Skill. Attempting to give you the actual % values would be useless here because of the overall order of operations, but suffice it so say that it's been reduced. So, again, high-end users may see a decrease in the damage dealt by their Gravity Wells when combining high Skill levels with high Aux levels.
Not sure it's fair to punish science captains on this one. As a tac captain I didn't spec this skill at all because I don't need it and it's a lot of skill points better spent elsewhere. It's not like I can run GW3 on an escort, and the only reason I can even try GW2 on a ship with cannons is because of special ships with universal boff stations.

Edit: Actually, I could run cannons and GW3 in this one -> http://sto.gamepedia.com/Multi-Missi...lance_Explorer

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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post

The power has always dealt Kinetic Damage. It may have, for some reason, been called something different at some point far back in the mists of time, but I can't find any record of that being the case.
Putting in in other words, is GW affected by exotic dmg trait?
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I was like: "finally we have been complaining about GW3's poor performance ever since the new skill tree.

Then i read:
as usual: tac/scort GW1 will be buffed sci/sci will be nerfed, and the pattern will reign supreme.
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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Gravity Well isn't a Hold. Think of it as a Push. You are still moving at whatever speed you're moving at, but the Well pushes you into itself with each pulse.

If you're moving faster, a push has far less effect on your momentum.

It's the difference between shoving a person that's standing still and shoving a car that's moving toward you.
I get this. My question though, is whether the ship's inertia modifier gets factored in.

A heavy ship with a lot of inertia behind it should be somewhat less affected by a push than a smaller, lighter ship with low inertia.

To take your example a bit further, it's the difference between trying to shove a Mack truck that's standing still and a Yugo coasting in neutral gear.

Thus, the heavy ship should resist being shoved around at lower speeds than the lighter ship does.

If inertia were factored in a bit differently, things would tend to be a little more balanced, IMO.
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Absolutely. Momentum being mass x velocity.

Mass seems to be optional. I've probably missed some key episodes, but the Trek I've seen had tractor beams being used by large ships to manipulate small masses. If mass was a factor in STO then a Defiant using tractor beam repulsors would have a heck of a recoil against a carrier.
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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
I like that they have EPTE.

I like that they move fast, and require ACC or a lot of hard controls to ball up for slaughter.

I like that it makes it harder for my escort to keep DHCs on target, and that it gives a bit of new life for my BFAW boat as the arc is much more generous and forgiving.

The main issue is, IMO, their behavior.

They scatter to the winds, probably because their original behavior never considered them moving at these speeds.

If their behavior gets fixed, they can keep EPTE and be less flighty.
I have to agree with this, the fact that the ships with EPTE, which is mostly spheres but a lot of other cruisers have them as well, can barely turn is the problem, they move too fast and just fly straight out of range and cause no threats to the players. In ISE it is most noticeable, because they smash against the gates and get stuck.
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Originally Posted by milandare View Post
Absolutely. Momentum being mass x velocity.

Mass seems to be optional. I've probably missed some key episodes, but the Trek I've seen had tractor beams being used by large ships to manipulate small masses. If mass was a factor in STO then a Defiant using tractor beam repulsors would have a heck of a recoil against a carrier.
Lol, STO using real science facts? The way drains and power insulators work, it breaks the law of conservation of energy. Why? When PI are high or the target's power level in a given system is zero, you're still getting power from thin air.
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Originally Posted by havokreign View Post
That is the difference. Like you say, these builds are a mirror image of what you say tac captains are doing, except for PG and AUX instead of weapons. The builds are the same idea, just thrown into different skills.

The proposed fix, will make Grav Well weaker than it is now for me and many other science builds that are specced, and the skill will be more efficient with less skill points invested.

For a tac captain that is never the case, because the diminished return on +dmg tac consoles is too insignificant to be noteworthy, and it applies directly to damage, not to the skill which then effects damage, and is thus a diminished return, like a particle generators.

And contrary to most of the angst here, all T4 ships and up can slot ApB1. And then throw in an abomination like the Fleet Luna's 4 tac conosles, and it's like why roll a SCI captain at all?
First off tac consoles do not have diminishing return. They give the same amount of bonus, it is all based off base damage. To test this take all of your consoles out and beam to sol or other system space and add one at a time back to your ship. You will see the same amount of damage added to your ship per console. As long as they are the same console.

Here is a good fix, science ships should have sensor anylayst added to the damage of all science abilities. If tac captains skills like APA and APO should not buff these powers. From what I am reading is that they are. If they are why is sensor anylayst not buffing it from science ships. I also think sensor anylayst should not loose the stack for changing target. I think it should drop as soon as you have no possible targets in firing range or loose of red alert. Sensor analyst shield also be increased by a flat rate. So if you have been in combat for the required time it would act like this. If your GW does 1000dps then with a full sensor analyst it would do 1333dps. Now I know this could let out of control, because some gravity wells are supposed to do about 1800dps, adding 600 point of damage might make it to nasty.

One thing we need to remember is that Conservation of Energy was develope with the bug involved. They have to keep the balance.

As far as one person being caught in three gravity wells I am sorry it is just like being shot by three escort with rapid fire three. Both should have the same effect. Just because it could happen either way that is good team play in PvP or PvE. Payers should not be punished for good team play. It should also take more than increasing engine power to break a GW. Everything should have a counter but GW has to many. APO, Aux to Damp, polerize hull, evasive maneuvers, and deterium should be the only way out. It is up to the player to be aware of their surroundings and adapt not just cater to the few that can't adapt. If you don't have one or more of these skills or they are on cooldown you just got caught.

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