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Recently some changes/fixes/improvements have been made to various interface elements and gameplay for Star Trek Online.

While the changes were good (like fixing some events and updating the consumables commodities listing order so that the useful stuff is at the top instead of bottom), I have a list of some additional changes that would be good (and I'm sure I'm leaving out some but others can pitch in with the ones I forgot):

1. When updating the reputation system task which consumes 20-50 large hypos, please please please remove those hypo's from my characters main inventory first rather than from the 4-slot ground inventory first. If I have 20 large hypos in my 4-slot ground inventory, and 80 hypos in the main inventory, and then pay 50 into task, I end up with 0 left (an empty spot) in ground invenotry, and 30 more in main inventory. When I then start a ground mission, it is often easy to die near start because when health is low I go to click on hypo and it's not there anymore.....unless I forget to move my inventory around every time I use the reputation system task that consumes hypo's, they will be missing for my next ground mission. It would be so easy to fix this...just pull the large hypo's from ground inventory last...only if not enough in main inventory.

2. On the Asset tab of inventory, where you have the "Refine Dilithium" button, it is greyed out when you have hit your 8k/day maximum. However, there is no cooldown timer showing when it will be available again to refine more dilithium. We have cooldown timers for so many other things, like transwarp usage, call freighter usage, PVE queue missions, etc, it seems an oversight that we dont have one here. It can be annoying to check back and have no idea when you can convert more dilthium, especialy after getting a big reward from rep system that will take days to convert.

3. The vendor that sells stacks of consumable items (Large Hypos, Large power cells, large shields), sells everything in quantities from 0-100, except for Large hypos which can only be bought in stacks of 20. At one time some of these items (large hypos, major regenerators, etc) could only be bought in stacks of 20, but cryptic increased the limit to 100, for everything except large power cells. Since there are rep system tasks that need 50 of these at a time, it would be useful to have the max quantity on these set to 100 like everything else.

4. For lifetime/gold members, update the accounting page on web site to show when the 500 zen monthly stipend has been deposited...it can be in the same list that shows zen purchace history..just mark it as stipend. Often it is hard to tell if you got it or not, especially since the date changes from month to month sometimes and just watching your zen account daily is often still not enough if you are doing a lot of buying and selling of zen in exchange (or with credit card) at same time. I have had submit question to biling before when it didnt show up and I'm sure others have too...seems it would save work responding to those type requests if everyone could just track it themselves in the account page.

5. Update 5-man group PVE missions so that a player is autobooted if they never move from zoneline or move some (due to checking above condition) but then go afk for rest of event....players who have no activity for extended period or never engage enemy should be auto-dropped since there is no option for team to vote someone off the island for being a leach.

6. I have 3 chat windows open, to separate game related and mission related messages from zone/team msgs and fleet messages. However, at work I instant message a lot and am in habbit of often X'ing a window to close it once chat is finished and out of habbit I sometimes do that to one of my 3 setup chat windows...I have not found any way to cause that closed chat window to reappear other than to completely logout of game and log back in...even load UI doesnt do the trick..and If I go into chat configuration, it shows the window definition exists..it is just not visible and there is no option there to make it visible in UI again unless I have overlooked it. If anyone knows how, please let me know...but what I'm really asking for here is an option to "lock" the chat configuration similar to how we can lock the tray changes.... remove the x so that I dont accidentally close the window.

7. Add an optional DPS meter to game. Sure I could parse/log all combat damage and then run it through some 3rd party programs to get the numbers....but it would be so much easier if cryptic could just add up for us the numbers it already has...just put a little meter option at top of screen that shows current dps...we can watch how it moves over time or spikes to get impression of how much damage we are really doing. (might need to add 2nd bar that shows pet dps for carrier ships, if not adding it all in at once). I know some of this type info is already tracked because of missions like Gorn Minefield where final reward is based on either total hull damage or hull damage dps (not sure exactly which).

8. On missions like Gorn Minefield, add a scoreboard at end of mission...when I get 2nd, or 3rd (or even last), I'd like to know how well I did against others and how much better I would need to do to move up the list.

9. When updating reputation system tasks that require consumeables, like Large Hypo's, remove them from main inventory first rather than ground inventory first. Now I know I already mentioned this as item 1 in list above, but it is such an obvious and annoying oversight that I thought it was worth mentioning again.

10. See 9 above.
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# 2
09-07-2013, 07:55 AM
Completely agree on removing items from bags before removing them from equipped. That is so freaking annoying. Also completely agree with doing something about the AFK leeches - it really sucks that there are full-time leeches, players cant do anything about them, and GMs won't do anything about them.

Only other note is that it is large power cells that are still bought in stacks of 20 - shield charges, hypos, and regenerators can be purchased up to 100.
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# 3
09-07-2013, 08:07 AM
The auto-boot (with leaver penalty I would add) is all I would want from this list. 10 minutes is a good number. If the rest of the team can do the mission within that amount of time then it really didn't matter there was an afk'er
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# 4
09-07-2013, 08:09 AM
i want the hypos at 100 rather than 20...

as for dilth, it's actually tied to daily reset, which is currently 8 pm est
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# 5
09-07-2013, 09:50 AM
I agree completely with #1, #2, and #8. A scoreboard would be extremely helpful to learn how much more damage or whatever you needed to do to get first place, as well as a current scoreboard accessible at anytime.

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