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09-24-2013, 04:34 AM
Originally Posted by kintisho View Post
+1 to rabbit raping.. I mean peta offenses.. I mean epoh tagging.. (3 feds maxed rep and geared from these little rats)

First let me thank the original poster of this topic. It has really been beneficial to me.
Second. Thank you to everyone expressing their ideas. Epohh tagging, whilst I am not convinced still..., IS an appreciated idea (and YES I am now trying it, but to satisfy myself as a secondary source of marks as opposed to a primary. Guess time will tell for me. And from what I have seen will possibly work well... yes I have been lucky and invited to group with one team tagging, getting my rom char the acheivement AND the necessary tags in one go. Unfortualnately due to my time difference - aussie player on in mornings my time I think this will turn out to be a rare occurance :-()

Finally... Thanks for the offer. I would happily join your fleet. Except I currently have my own (also started with myself and two friends only.) I know where you are at with trying to build fleet rep etc with so few. I have invested so much time and money and effort to virtually solo my fleet to level 6. (Tier 2 SB With T3 Shipyard, and T1 Science and Eng. plus a couple of the bonus events)

* At last check I had primary char well over 1.2mil points just on the SB and when combined with all my other chars, The mine and the embassy (I have alot of chars lol) probs closer to the 3-4mil mark easily.

Yes is very tempting as I know I could be a magnificent asset to your fleet. Just as I am sure you would be a great asset to join with. But I am at the point where I simply have invested far*too much time and effort and physical cash money (zen points for dilith etc) to abandon it now.

HOWEVER - If u like. PM me a time and place to meet online. I have just started a fresh second ROM char. Its not fleeted yet. Perhaps I can team up with you that way and we can both gain. :-)

djjfjtoo too
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# 22 New Romulus Marks
10-07-2013, 05:44 PM
I don't enjoy the daily for destroying the Tholian fleet in the tau dawa sector for 30 marks. I would rather do the patrols for the 60 marks (75 marks if bonus event) than anything else. I did all the small missions on New Romulus for 5-10 marks but good god it took forever. I guess it all depends on how patient you are if you are willing to grind it out have fun. I will do it once a day.

Fleet Admiral Grendel the Wise
U.S.S. ATTILA KHAN (NX-921911)

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