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# 1 More Modular Fleet Ship Ideas
09-08-2013, 10:04 AM
Looking through the range of fleet science vessels, and more broadly fleet ships generally, I always seem to require a ship that doesn't exist in the stores on any faction. It then dawned on me; why can't we buy more Modular Fleet Ships?

To this end, I mean instead of having to either make do with what is available in the Fleet Ship Store or wait indefinitely for one to come out that you want, we could instead make modifications to the ships available in the store already.

For example, say I had an escort with a Cdr Tac, Lt.Cdr Tac, Ensign Tac, Lt. Sci and Lt. Eng, this being the layout of the Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit, or the Defiant for those who aren't so savvy on the technical names.

That extra Ensign slot isn't of much use to you, that's assuming you want an all cannon setup. Of course someone could say that you could buy another ship instead, which replaces it for something else, but what if you want the Defiant because you like the look of it, like a lot of us do?

I don't have the above ship, but it makes a good example. Why not make more slots on ships universal? In theory this seems a sensible thing to do, especially for slots of dubious value, such as the third Ensign.

Another couple of ideas that occurred to me:

1) What are everyone's thoughts on having universal console SLOTS, so you could have say, 3 tac, 3 sci, 3 engi and a single universal slot that you can use for anything?

2) What if you were able to have a ship retro-fitter on every faction's main hub, who can provide retrofitting/fleet-grade improvements to ships that aren't in the fleet store, with the new components being your choice and the cost being what you would have paid had it been a fleet ship?

I appreciate number 2 is more ambitious, but I'd like to hear other people's views, especially from any devs that might be around
As someone who has 2 manned KAGE, 3 manned IGE and CGE, got 8:50 left on the clock (we've since beaten it) as our IGE Speed Run time, been here longer than my join date suggests and put in the effort to learn the game for myself, I would like to put it to you that I know what I'm doing.

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