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Hello, I'm finally nearing completion of my second mission but am now faced with a challenge I was not expecting. Is it possible to send a player from one part of a ground map to another?

Scenario: pre-made ship interior map.
Wanting player to use "door" to head down a corridor to another part of same deck. The destination area is a spot that is inaccessible on foot (due to black space on the map separating them). Best guess I have right now is to reach that door, "interact" with it, and then switch maps to a duplicated map and set the spawn point to the desired location.

My fear of doing this is that there will be a beam out and then beam in animation that would really be stupid considering the storyline (but if its unavoidable then so be it). Was just making sure I'm correct in this guess or if I am unaware of a particular way of replicating how many Cryptic missions have you transferred from one portion of a large map to another by "taking a turbolift".

As always, thank you for the help!

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Only way I know of to do a turbolift or room change or whatever without changing maps is build the map yourself by placing modular parts on an exterior map (this also allows you to build much larger maps than the templates, by the way), and show and hide sections as needed. See kirkfat's "Relics" for an implementation, and his video guides in the Useful Links thread.

In "Relics" he simulates dropping from warp and warping to a nebula on one map, and beaming to your ship and then taking a turbolift to the holodeck on another, all by using triggers to show and hide stuff as needed. And yes, it's a lot of grunt work.
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09-18-2013, 07:53 AM
For a pre-built map, you only effective option is to have the second part of the map on a separate map. We don't have any teleporters in out version on the Foundry, (although Neverwinter does so we may eventually get the tech.)

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09-18-2013, 01:31 PM
I thought that they eliminated the beam in/beam out animations when moving from one interior to the next. I only tend to notice it going from ground to space and vice versa. Am I crazy? Or maybe it's going from ground to ground... weird how I've just stopped paying attention to such things, kind of like how a character's eyes load before the head does in a popup.

There is a trick though. You can get the player to the other part of the map if there is a respawn point on the other map (if it's closer to the player than the original spawn point is.) If you can trap the player in geometry, by like dumping a bunch of walls on top of him, than the game will port the player to the nearest spawn point. It's tricky to do. I've seen it done well, but I've had trouble reproducing it perfectly.
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09-18-2013, 07:24 PM
Would be nice if they did add a Warp-To function in the Foundry, like we have with Ship Interiors. Would save time loading maps.

But like said above, right now all we can do is the turbolift / mirror trick.

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