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Dragon Lords Strike Force is a speical task force used to protect the Federation and it's ideas.We protect the glaxay from all threats.We hold these ideas to the highest reagrd.We are looking for anyone who wants to help in the battle to protect the ideas of the Federation.

(We are fleet that focases on RP.Anyone can join.If intested wisp Spider.)

We also have leadership postions avaible if intersted.But we are primarly focus on Rp.If intersted contact Spider in game.
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10-02-2013, 09:39 AM
Hi all, this captain stumbled across my fleet asking for a heavy rp fleet, my fleet is a 'support you through sto game play' fleet not rp, ill send him/her your way if that's ok.

Vice Admiral Davian Thule.

Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit.
Kobayashi Crew.
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