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# 1 Star Trek Rubicon
09-12-2013, 03:48 PM
I have chosen today to launch my fan fiction series on the forum, as I spoke of on the other thread of . My crew looks like this:
Captain Maxwell Ovirosch, Commanding Officer (Male Human) Actor: Keifer Sutherland
Commander Kandir Zosni, Executive Officer (Male El-Aurian) Actor: Michael Emerson
Lieutenant Commander Bayeb, Chief Science Officer (Male Sellolsian) Actor Tony Shaloub
Lieutenant Inas, Chief Operations Officer (Female Changeling) Ashlyn Pearce
Commander Allizander Hyphol, Chief Medical Officer (Male Quathi) Alex Trebek
Commander Aolia, Counselor (Female Zaakrean) Jessica Alba
Lientenant Parvius, Chief of Security (Male Romulan) Jim Parsons
Lieutenant Thelys, Chief Engineer (Male Xindi-Arboreal) Wayne Brady
Lieutenant Weih, Transporter Chief (Male Deferi) Jeffrey Combs
Ensign Xaz, Helmsman/Communications (Male Voth) Josh Cooke
Q John de Lancie

Ep 1 Part 1: Zenith
So Much Risk. The Captain thought as he looked out into space. The Utopia Planitia construction facility shrank in space as the timeship Rubicon flew farther into space. All the crew had said farewell to their loved ones and were now headed out on the voyage of their lives, and, if necessary, give up their lives to protect the time stream integrity. The best in the fleet they've called me. But this? I always have had a knack for Temporal Mechanics but all the risk of time travel. I don't want the encumbrance of knowing I erased my entire life, or the life of any other person. He stared up at the old Grandfather clock in his ready room and read the plaque upon it.
"The events we live make us who we are."
-Clazorus Vissyr Kazove

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09-12-2013, 07:30 PM
curious.... why did you choose Alex Trebek ?

and are Quathi, Sellolsian and Zaakrean species you are creating ?
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09-13-2013, 02:20 PM
Yes, I created them. I chose Alex Trebek because I thought he is a good host and would play a good doctor.
(Ok, you got me I needed actors.) My range of actors isn't really that large.

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09-13-2013, 02:31 PM

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Ep1 Part 2 Zenith

As Ovirosch sat there, the door rang, notifying him that his senior officers had arrived.
He replied for them to come and as he sat down he watched an array of species enter.
"It is a pleasure to meet you," his shorter Executive officer extended his right hand.
"It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Zosni, I am honored to have such an experienced first officer. Your wisdom will serve this ship well, no doubt," the captain replied with deep respect. "Mr. Bayeb, you and I are already acquainted, of course. Tell me, old friend, do you miss the old 1701-S as much as I do?"
"The Enterprise will always be in my heart. It was a shame she was destroyed." Bayeb stated in a friendly but still nervous tone.
"My name is Inas," a very plain face stated as he moved along the line of officers facing him. He could tell it was a she from anatomical differences as well as the fact she wore her hair down in a feminine way. This was peculiar for a Changeling to do. "I have been assigned the duty of Operations officer on board the Rubicon. I believed that they may have assigned me on the Rubicon because of my shape shifting capabilities."
"I agree that from your record you are a well qualified young lady for the job," Ovirosch smiled and said warmly.
"I am 104 years old."
"Excuse me, but you don't look a day over 20."
"I have retain the same composition and age since the day I was born," she pointed out matter-of-factly, " I don't age."
"Yes, I understood that before you translated."
Walking down the line he met the next crewman.
"Allizander Hyphol, Chief Medical officer, reporting for duty," he said smiling as much as he could, the captain estimated, he thought the man to be one that did not greet people well. Ovirosch nodded to the Quathi doctor.
"Lieutenant Parvius, security chief," the Romulan said dryly.
"Lieutenant Commander Thelys, Chief of Engineering," the Xindi-Arboreal next in line said in a deep voice, natural for many of his species.
Moving along again: "Last, but certainly not least Counselor Aolia," Ovirosch greeted. Giving his hand to shake.
"We Zaakreans prefer not to touch unless necessary, Captain, because it induces a mutual emotional exchange. Telepathically we-" Suddenly she cut off. She stared off at the Ceiling. "I'm sorry, sir, but something powerful is in this room."
" I thought your people could only read emotions when in physical contact."
"It is in physical contact with mmm-" suddenly she collapsed and intense vibrations surged throughout her body.
She began to murmur, "Your fate, your world, what you know, what you don't, those who do not understand time should not explore it, you shall succeed in doing what you seek to prevent, the passion of one will be too strong, cross the Rubicon-"
Doctor Hyphol sprang into action an scanned her body. " I'm going to give her an anesthetic so she does not hurt herself." Upon receiving the hypo her body eased.
"I apologize, Captain Oviosch, but I guess I did not realize the frailty of your crew," a voice was heard in the edge of the room towards the view of space. A tall man clothed in a bright red robe coalesced into being. "You see I have invested far too much time and effort into perfecting your race to see you do this. Forgive me, my name is Q."

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09-19-2013, 04:58 PM
Ep1 Part 3 "Zenith"
"What is this your talking about-'to see us do this.'" Ovirosch exclaimed.
"Why should I tell you? You humans think you know everything, apparently, or you would have built what could become your own undoing. Apparently my mind is too small to comprehend your reasoning," Q said snidely. "Just because your race has aged 200 years since your last conflict doesn't mean your aren't still simple minded savages."
"We have settled our disagreements with our enemies, we aren't savages," Ovirosch exclaimed.
"Prove me wrong then," Q said and disappeared.
"Dr. Hyphol, get her to sickbay, officers, join me on the bridge," the captain stated as he walked to the turbolift.

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Ep1 Part 4 "Zenith"
As he stepped out of the turbolift, Ovirosch ordered Bayeb to do a full scan of the surrounding area.
"If nothing is found, shall we engage into the time stream?" Bayeb asked.
"Yes," the captain stated,"We've got to get on the road some time."
Bayeb shrugged at the metaphor and relieved a young Voth ensign named Xaz of the Science station. "All scans, spatial, temporal, and subspatial, show no signs of Q." Bayeb confirmed.
"Commander Inas, engage time warp," as soon as the order was given, the Rubicon was surrounded by deep blue swirling color. "Maybe that'll provoke Q's return," he mumbled.
Just as suddenly, a temporal shockwave emanated and Inas rushed to set up the Temporal shields just in time.
Once it had passed a voice boomed over the bridge, "What do you think now, Captain, was I right or was I right?"
"There has been serious damage to the timeline," Parvius shouted.
Q then appeared there lying on the bridge of the floor, holding a lyre and in a Greek toga with a wreath upon his head. He stood and approached Ovirosch. "Man shalt not play the game of gods."

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09-28-2013, 06:54 AM
"I warned thou oh deaf man what would become of you all," Q continued in his archaic language. Commander Zosni stood back away from Q. "My El-Aurian companion, why do you fear me? I am not to be blamed for what hath happened, I am but the messenger."
"You are the messenger of pain and destruction," Zosni stated firmly, seriously. "You toy with people like they are the pieces of a game."
"It is for your own good mortal," Q said,"Behold."
On the viewscreen a large rectangular ship appeared into the time stream.
"Ensign Xaz, put out a hailing frequency," Zosni ordered.

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The communication went through but there was no response. Ovirosch then ordered Bayeb to run a full biological scan of the ship.
"Humanoid life forms," Bayeb replied. "I have a computer check to see if they are of evolutionary relation to any species we know. None have matched as of yet."
"Run a quantum scan. Lets see what time they are from." the captain ordered.
"They are from approximately 23 billion years into the future, Captain."
A thought came to Ovirosch. He turned to Q,"You want to tell us something, no doubt, what is it? Is this humanity in the future?"
"Humanity doesn't survive that long," Q smirked.
Parvius caught the Captain's attention, "They are hailing us now."
A light blue skinned humanoid with a large cranium rising vertically, the surface covered in skeletal plating, stared back with large curious eyes.
"Xaz, set the universal translator."
"We are the Iyorva. We come from your galaxy's future. Do not be alarmed. We are historians."
"This is the USS Rubicon. I am Captain Maxwell Ovirosch. We are out here to prevent alterations in our history. We are a peaceful people," he said.
"At least you were," Q said. "By entering the continuum you have sealed your fate. Because of something to come, the Federation will enter a three way Civil War and destroy all this 'good in humanity' you petty fools speak of. Allow a demonstration."
A large ship appeared behind the Iyorva timeship. It quickly opened fire on the weak ship.
"You Feds only wish that you could have aspired to the level of the Iyorva. Just because one man couldn't sacrifice his inward desires for all humanity's sake." Q stared at Zosni.
The alien vessel drifted as rubble, headed down the continuum.
Parvius proceeded without command to fire temporal torpedoes to send the rubble back to the point in time it had came from to ensure no alteration in the time stream.

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10-03-2013, 03:38 PM
TO break out of the story for a second
here is my characteristic structure of my unique races:
Just imagine the Zaakrean forehead detail more like the spoonlike shape of the Cardassians.

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