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Hello. I am engineering captain, and my primary ship is ( soon fleet ) assault cruiser, which i play as beam boat. Recently i got slighrly bored of it, so just from fun i started playing with patrol escort. It is a beutifull ship, and great to play as a little break from cruiser. As i am cruiser player, i dont know nothing about gearing escort ( patrol escort )... I will also buy fleet patrol escort soon. So i would be very gratefull if u could tipe here good active duty officers, builds, sets, etc... any help is awesome )
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10-02-2013, 02:31 PM
You could buy the Fleet Defiant. Look here on YouTube and see for yourself Or look around on YouTube for other escort ships, and seeing what one would be the best choice.
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10-02-2013, 02:37 PM
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10-03-2013, 02:27 AM
I dont want defiant.. this fleet patrol escort will by my fun ship, so it is important to me how it looks plus it is a good ship... I will run 3 fleet advance dual heavy disruptor cannons with fleet quantum torpedo in front, 2 advanced fleet disruptor turret plus kinetic cutting beam... Only thing i have no idea about is what set ( engine, deflector, shield ) to use as excort xd... borg ??
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10-03-2013, 06:09 AM
Assimilated mk XII deflector and Engine
Elite Fleet Resilient Shield ResB (especially for STFs)
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On a fleet patrol, you're unlikely to need the 2 piece BORG bonus. Not with a decent boff layout and the right doffs. Hell, with the right doffs you don't really need it on anything. It's basically for people who HAVE to always have their hull at 100%, which is pretty unnecessary.

You'd have more fun with either an elite fleet deflector with +acc or the omega deflector, and pretty much any hyper impulse engine that's turney (omega or fleet imo).

Elite fleet resilient shields with resB are very good.

In my patrol I run a purple damage control and purple shield distro doff, 2 subnuc doffs for giggles, and a purple space warfare doff.

Perfect tac boff layout for all cannon boats, as well as if you want to use a single torpedo.

Its your bog standard escort style, but two epts1 and auxtosif1 on a key bind to space with fire all.

One neutronium, then plasmonic leech, Borg console and the other rep crit console who's name I forget in the other Eng slots, two +shield consoles (I use the ones that increase capacity, who's name I again forget) and then 4 energy damage consoles.

Unless you have a seizure while playing, you're not going to die. Unless your CSV comes off and you get a high yield torpedo to the face.

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10-03-2013, 10:24 AM
Note that the higher skill levels of cannon rapid fire (CRF) and cannon scatter volley (CSV) do much more damage than the lower ones. Devote your higher slots to getting the most damage out of your weapons.

One setup might be to pair CRF3 and CRF2 with CSV2 and CSV1, couple with a pair of TTs. That way you always have up-time on your cannon skills despite cooldowns.

Another method uses only one of each, but adds in APB in pairs or emphasizes APD as well. There are several major variations you could follow.

There are several things you could do to maximize power from an escort, but remember the following:

Try to run max power, 125 (or 130 if your warp core boosts the cap) on weapons when doing attack runs. The higher weapons power increases damage.

Try to get in close if the situation permits. Weapons DO have damage falloff with distance. Beams hold up a bit better in the long run but the counter is their damage output is weak already. DHCs are much stronger but the dropoff is more noted out past 7k (I think that was the range).

If you focus on canon skills ditch the quantum torp. Add in a dual cannon to maximize firepower when you use CRF and CSV. Note I said dual cannon, because if you have 4 of the same DHC/DC it does some strange things to the firing cycles. I've heard adding 3+1 of different types prevents this.

Before you spend good fleet creds, look into the exchange for a mirror fleet escort or mirror advanced escort. My fed tac runs one of these. Heck, I bought an escort retrofit from my fleet and this FREE ship does better than it! It rocks in STFs and you probably won't need anything more.

As for not needing the borg 2pc process? Don't listen to them! All squishy 'scorts need it. There are a ton of stupid NPC coding decisions in this game (thanks a lot, Cryptic) where they have an unstoppable attack that will leave you at 1% hull and if you're not fast enough to get away you're toast. Even your ENG skills won't repair you all the way when that happens. The borg process is very nice to have. I'm not saying it's NEEDED, per se. I'm saying you will enjoy it. That said, you don't have to use that.
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10-03-2013, 10:43 AM

Borg engine and deflector with the elite fleet shields ResB
Borg cutting beam
Borg console, zero point, Tachyokinetic, leech,
Field generator x2
4 tac consoles

2 damage control doffs
2 Attack pattern doffs expensive but worth it
Warp core engineer to boost power levels when using EPTX

If you are willing to ditch the torpedoes and go all cannons(which is recommended) then switch the torp spread 2 to a CRF1.

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10-03-2013, 11:15 AM
CSV is AoE. It centers around your selected target but the spray will miss it. Using it on a single target is not nearly as effective as CRF. Using it is better DPS than un-boosted fire, but nowhere near effective as CRF. CRF gets you the most DPS. Often, you need that.

If you invest in doffs that cool down cannon skills, you can get away with 1 of each. They are pricey, though. That's why most folks double up on the skills (the cooldown).
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10-03-2013, 11:42 AM
Csv of an equal rank of crf buffs your cannons by half as much.

Csv1 is 15, crf1 is 30
Csv2 is 20, crf2 is 40
Csv3 is 25, crf3 is 50

In sto it is better to kill em all then to kill one at a time.
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