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# 1 Graphics issue
09-13-2013, 11:16 PM

I've been playing STO for awhile but had some issues, and it seems to me like it doesn't make much sense. I play Neverwinter Online on the same computer and graphics looks good enough and the game runs smooth, but STO constantly has blurry textures and Neverwinter never expressed such problems. Both games are on Cryptic engine, so there really should be no issue. My specs are i5 processor 2.30GHz 779 MHz Quad Core Windows XP 4 GB of RAM Intel 3000 HD graphics. Does anybody now why this is happening?

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# 2 Solved
09-15-2013, 01:30 AM
So obviously nobody came in for help so I had to find a solution myself, and I'm posting it here, so hopefully some people will be able to enjoy the game that previously had trouble with it. I was running the game with above listed specs and this helped me. To eliminate blurry textures and play game without lag:
1) go into video options, reset ALL of your settings to defaults using the set to default button.
2) set resolution to 1024x768@60Hz (if you want you can turn on vertical sync, it didn't ruin anything for me everything still ran smoothly also lately I've tried running this with postprocessing effects on and it works smoothly too), if half resolution is on turn it off, the game looks terrible with it on.
3) turn on advanced options and go to troubleshooting, there in the video memory section set it to 1024+ MB. Don't worry! If your machine doesn't have that much video memory and if you did above steps you'll still be ok, as I myself only have 384mb of video memory and it works fine with these settings. Just make sure you did the above steps first!
4) press ok to save.

This is it! It may or may not work for other machines but it worked great for me, I have great textures and performance is amazing with my Intel HD 3000 (unless an area is overwhelmed with other players, but nothing we can do here, can we? ) I am not responsible for any damage you might cause your computer or game if you do this incorrectly or don't know what you're doing.
Enjoy the game!

Live long and prosper!

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