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# 1 T'varo fleet build
09-29-2013, 02:27 AM
Hi there,

i just started a Rommie toon Tact.

I want to be a good DPS in Pve and okay in PVP. I am aiming for the fleet T'varo or Mogai.

can some one help me with builds? (spec tac captain) ? or link me to one?

I saw that T'varo could have a OP plasma torp im kinda interested in that to ^^

any help would be appreciated !

thank you <3
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# 2
09-29-2013, 08:25 AM
I can give you a basic guide to a decent T'varo. It probably won't be the best nor will it suit everyone's needs but its workable and decent enough to be able to elite STF's.

This is an example of what my T'Varo build was a while back before I got the Romulan Temporal Destroyer. It's not perfect and you can replace the Fleet Gear with normal mark 12 Plasmas or whatever your flavor of weaponry is (just remember to get the Tactical consoles that match it in the Tac Ship slots) Also a note about the console Torpedo you wanted to use it is a very slow torpedo that 9/10 times doesn't reach the target before it blows up. Well that is unless you go nose to nose with the enemy ship which is kinda dangerous .

A note on the skills themselves I've dumped points into Torpedoes as you mentioned you wanted to use them but experiment with this and tweak it to suit you as not one build fits all in this game. The BoFF layout is also more designed for PvE not PvP as I am not that good at PvP (I suck at timings and I die more times than I care to mention lol)

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