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09-19-2013, 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by the7thof9 View Post
I recently started a tac character, an I was wondering if there was a faster way than doing the storyline quests. I only ask because I've already done the fed quests.
Patrol missions can help you with leveling. Grab a few skill boosts from the exchange, and use them to work on sector patrols.
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09-19-2013, 08:11 AM
yea I agree with that
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09-19-2013, 08:48 AM
Sheesh, levelling is far too quick as it is, you don't really need a boost to it. Casually, you can go from 1-50 in like 3 days. Hardcore can do it in less than a day.
Personally, I wish they'd leave the xp rewards the same, but make it take at least 10x (maybe even 20x or more), the xp it takes to gain a level. That would make it, in my opinion, feel far more rewarding to have gained a level, much less a title rank. But that's just my opinion.

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09-19-2013, 09:00 AM
The first 5-10 storyline missions to get your doff system unlocked + mirror access

Then set up your doffs with a bunch of 2 and 4 hour missions (best XP efficiency IMO), do mirror, dailies, patrols, and maybe an occasional story mission to break the tedium. Some are really short honestly. As your doff missions complete/cycle that adds another bunch of XP to your pool.

Rinse and repeat.

Using this method leveling a toon should take about 24 game hours, maybe more, maybe less.

Thats how I leveled up my fed rommie, took me just under a week of playing it maybe 3-4 hours at a time.

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09-19-2013, 04:47 PM
Newbie here trying to figure out things here because LOL, I'm new.

So, from what I'm reading, I technically don't need to actually do the missions - yes, they're faster, but they're tedious. All I have to do is sector patrols with XP Boosts with a few other things in between?
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09-20-2013, 09:25 PM
Hiyas folks!
Been playing for a few days now. And I must guildies in DDO are NOT happy.
I'm diggin' this game so far. Got my Engineer up to Lt. 7, and I can hold my own against most enemies.
But I am having a bit of trouble navigating this game.

For instance, I can't seem to be able to get back to certain areas very easily, like the one place where you crunch the mats at the sciencey type place. You know the one I'm talking about.
The one WAAAY out in the middle of nowhere.

I got there once, following the tutorial, but I'll be darned if I can find it again.
And I've got a lot of these mats I need to crunch.

But in the meantime, I'll just keep blastin things. It's a hoot!


Also, is there a trick to matching the anomaly waves? Because I'm getting only about 60% of them.

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09-20-2013, 09:42 PM
1 Hour XP boost with Mirror, easy 5-7 lvls post lvl 20. To bad that you can't get those any more, I still have 7 in my bank
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09-20-2013, 09:46 PM
Storyline to unlock DOffs.
Then do DOff assignments right and you'd be surprised just how quick you can level up...
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09-20-2013, 09:58 PM
Some super nice person gave me a shield battery or something last night. Right out of the blue.
I could not figure out how to thank him/her.

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09-21-2013, 06:02 AM
(aside from the obvious mirror)

If you're levelling a new character, but already know the game well, do the defera hards. Also have a look through the foundry missions and find one that's quite pacey on dialogue and heavy on things to shoot at.

While levelling, if your concern is to get to cap in the shortest time possible, then always chose a dps ship/build regardless of what you intend to fly at cap. As you level characters, try and get into the habit of saving blue/purple weapons with even numbered mk levels. Weapons usually account bind, so once you've built a layout for each ship, you can use those on every new character you make.

You get free doffs as you level, assign some to active duty. It helps make things just that little bit faster, even if it's a bunch of whites/greens.

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