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09-16-2013, 04:04 AM
Originally Posted by mdwgardiner1701 View Post
I have a love/hate relationship with PuGs. A good one is always a breath of fresh air. Glad to hear that there are some around.

Though I've been having an absolute blast playing in the Tyler Durden games. If anyone thinks that PvP is borked, broken or whatever I offer TD as an example that it is not.
It's still borked in a lot of ways, it's just that we have self-imposed rules (no TIF/GPG/etc)

That and I think the normal issues that plague PvP (uber high resists, even higher Burst damage, non-existent pressure damage, Romulans being generally OP, etc) are overcome by the collective experience and teamwork of those in the Durden matches.

That being said, that's not to say that those matches are only for season veterans or whatever - even the freshest of the fresh to PvP are more than welcome Always nice to see new faces and new builds, plus the more people that get better via private matches, the better the public queues will be.
Star Trek Online: Where the Developers would rather have you pay for the same ship over and over again instead of addressing (by their own admission) heavy power creep and the real underlying issues, despite their assurances to do so.
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09-16-2013, 11:50 AM
When we first started the TD channel... we got a lot of very new players. People that where frustrated by being pug stomped and joined as soon as I threw it out there.

We had some epic matches those first few days... and I let them bring what ever they wanted... The guys with TIF dropped them of there own accord after we included the TIF/Console stuff in our match balancing. When we put one TIF user against a team that had also had a TIF user... they came to the conclusion that they where annoying somehow.

Its true though prax... seeing new people show up for those matches is alway very fun. They sometimes really surprise you with strange combos and builds that do work. I think people learn a heck of a lot faster if they end up teamed with people that have things matched up well. Get a new player into 4 or 5 games that end in 15 14 scores and I think they get seasoned pretty fast.

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