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U.S.S. Endeavour NCC-91771 - Nebula-class
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Half a day or so left! Lots of images on here that are truly fantastic, but are not 1920x1200 size or larger. Also some multiple images. If you do have bigger/best images perhaps you can edit to show that foot forward in your posts!

(If you don't I am sure I still enjoyed your image, so many great smaller ones, so thanks for posting in any case)
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Generations in Formation:

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After hundreds of screenshots taken, I decided to rope up a few friends and work on hours of formation flying! =P

They'll hate me forever...

Edit: I saw some asking earlier if it was possible to remove the abilities and skills from showing their visuals in-game for clearer screenshots, and there is if you were demorecording it.

If you look up demorecord, it's a feature in STO that allows you to record moments while playing and then load it up for better angles when taking pics or making a movie from it. You can also remove the visuals that activate from skills for more clarity of image.

You can also still use the /renderscale command if your resolution is lower than the contest requirements while in the demorecord by hitting the ~ key to bring down the console.

This is all in-engine and from STO itself, and in my case I only used it to get an angle NOT focused on my ship so I could get a wider view of the action as the camera can be freed from the locked focus in demorecord. It still took many hours to get me and two others into a variety of still and in-movement "poses" to demorecord in action.

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Voyages into the unknown.

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I felt there were not enough Klingon ships being entered so having a Vo'quv meant I could do 2 at once
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Originally Posted by millybun View Post
Generations in Formation:
Damn, posted mine then saw yours. NICE. Am I right in thinking you have the 3 in-game "versions" of the Connie there? I'll say it again, NICE!
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