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# 1 U.S.S. Fox - The Logs
02-24-2014, 01:24 PM
Captainís Log, 68150.3 -

I have begun a full analysis of the crew aboard the USS Fox. Broadly speaking, this is a task involving intense concentration and thoroughness. In our missions recently I have noticed a sense of resentment amongst the human crew members towards their colleagues which must be immediately investigated. I am not concerned with the state of the war, or the state of politics, it is my responsibility to ensure that my crew performs to the standards expected of them, both on duty and off.

It isnít easy, attempting to calm a crew that has been exposed to such hatred in so short a time. The recent Borg attacks on the Vega colony seemed to instigate an almost permanent state of shock, leading to aggression. I sympathise with those sorts of feelings. As part Vulcan, I was encouraged since birth by my peers to ignore and suppress such emotion; an ancient teaching I have yet to regret rejecting. I do not, and never have believed that the key to peace is through pure logic. This, in my opinion is a fallacy relied upon when such events occur that an instant solution cannot be formulated.

Starfleet, by its very nature, is intended as a threefold organisation. Exploration, Defense, and Infrastructure. In my opinion, this forms a triangle that cannot survive if even one of its corners is removed. One cannot have Exploration without Defense, and Defense without Infrastructure, and so on. This, ironically, is a logical summary of the situation.

The war with the Klingons is clearly keeping many on edge. It is not a war of sudden strikes, raids and vast fleets, as it was in the years of Kirk. Both sides rely much more on subterfuge, spying and surgical strikes at many points that were known during the times of the Khitomer Accords. This serves only to amplify the feelings I described earlier; aggression, rejection and suspicion. The resurfacing and seeming unity of the Klingons with other more mercenary races such as the Gorn, Orions, and the Nausicaan mean that Federation defenses are spread far too thin, and ships that would ordinarily be assigned simple scientific missions are now expected to patrol regions of space as if they were warships.

In my personal opinion, this war with the Klingons may pale in comparison to the threat every race faces if the Borg really are able to transwarp so close to our homeworlds. Yet, as morbid as an idea it might be, this overwhelming threat by such a race may serve to rebuild bridges previously burnt, in the interests of self preservation.

Lieutenant Commander Phillips, signing out.

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